Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thrifted and Gifted

I have been seeing a few blogs posting Stepping out Saturday or doing kind of what I'm wearing today posts and decided to join in. You'd be surprised at how much of my stuff is either thrifted or gifted believe it or not. HEHE. More because I am really cheap than anything else and thrift stores are like gold mines when it comes to antiques, which make my heart go pitter patter, and some great digs for super, super, slap me because I can't believe this low prices. Mama didn't raise no fool.

Me ruining a perfectly good dress by wearing it w/ sweats. Comfy.

I just thrifted this really awesome dress a few weeks ago but alas it has been too cold to wear it. I couldn't wait and decided at least I can wear it inside. Not what the toddler had planned. The sun came out, Hayden noticed and immediately started to pull on me for me to take him outside. I caved and the above picture is the result: My fabulous dress w/ sweats because it was too cold for tights or leggings.

I ended up wearing this.
Shirt: DD's Discount (warehouse type store)
Jeans: So old I don't know where I got them from, hence the rip in the knee and the faded look All from overuse.

These are NOT made for walking. But they are a killer in the looks department. And I didn't have to pay for them! Yay for free. They were gifted by a cousin, who has been having a thing for shoes for years, I get most of my shoes from her. Expect for my Vans or DCs. I think she got them from Payless could be totally wrong. This is my first wearing them, I got them months ago.

I am starting to really have a thing for shoes. What is happening to me?

One last picture of the shoes that are killing my calves. Beauty is pain -OW!- right?

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