Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My road to Cloth

Everyone who cloth diapers has a different story of how they came to cloth diapering and why they decided to do it. Mine is as unique as everyones and I believe it's important to share it.
My path to cloth has been short and filled with simple signs confirming it's for me. I believe a month maybe two back, I decided that I wanted to do a bit more green things in life following me wanting to garden. I love nature, and am deeply intoned with it and want to keep Earth as healthy as possible for my son's future and others that come. I am the odd ball that hates keeping her shoes on (yes, everyone always comments on my always bare feet) because I love the feel cold concrete against my feet or the crunch of green grass beneath them, even the carpet gliding slightly as I walk. I just like to be bare foot, shoes annoy me, sandals are a nice comprise between the two. In winter, I long to see the buds blooming and coming back to life softly after a long slumber under winter's cold. In Summer, I lust for winter's frost and bitter chill to provoke the cozy warmth provided by sitting down with a good book and tea beside me. With that in my mind, I decided going as green as possible and teaching him positive ways to keep the world around him nice would be best for my family and I.
Soon after I read a book on sage mothering that touched briefly on cloth diapering, which lead me to a Google search on it that left me more confused than informed. In the world cloth diapering there are so many options to choose from a wealth of variations and alternatives, which breeds lots of unique ways to diaper. So I backed away. Soon Hayden started getting nasty red marks on his thighs from the disposable diapers so I got a bigger size which was too big, then went down again in size, all the time thinking about cloth.
Then two things happened at once. There is a blog by my fellow Mommy Blogger with a son named Greyson, who is super, super cute with the most beautiful baby blues on Earth! This, along with Radar Love and the Peanut Blog, is one of my favorite blogs and Greyson's Mom is such an inspiration for me I'm not even joking. Greyson, your Mom rocks! Well, Greyson's Mom did a post on Mothering Magazine and how she, too, loves the magazine. This post reminded me that I needed to renew my subscription with them as it ended around Christmas of last year and I was so busy with Christmas I forgot about it, along with many other things. And so in this post there is a pic of Greyson sitting on a couch, reading the mag with a big blue thing wrapped around his butt. So I go back a few posts and notice a peak here and a peak there of these diapers and suddenly I realize those are cloth diapers and they are super cute! She even did a post on diapers drying on the line.
While reading Mothering Magazine, I saw a new carrier for Hayden I wanted as he was reaching his weight limit in his old one, which led me to a website that sold cloth diapers, which eventually lead me to Diaperpin.com, where I got the lowdown on cloth diapers. My love for the pomegranate Bummis Easy Fit lead me on a quest to different cloth diapering websites to find it and the price tag stung me so bad I thought I had got burnt. That bad baby retails for between 23-25 big ones! So I laid off for a while, thinking that the price for cloth was too expensive...until the end of July. I buy my diapers at Costco, Huggies Snug and Dry, I get 200 diapers for 44.99 without tax and a box of Huggies wipes for a price tag of 22.99 without tax, giving us an approximation of 68 dollars without tax. The diapers usually last for a month in a half, two at the max, that's about 23 dollar a month. Not bad usually, until Hayden almost went through them all in about a month.
With times being hard on everyone, not wanting to spend that much on diapers anymore when I can buy a stash of them for 300 or less and never have to worry about it again, I starting biting my lip on the cloth diapers. You can potty train with cloth diapers especially one that is a pocket, they also have ones for potty training. To diaper Hayden for another year, taken that he doesn't grow out of the size he is in (the bigger the size the less diapers you get) and that my diapers last for two months that is about 1500 by 2 years old and if he potty trains by 2 and a half add onto the cost of pull-ups, which I can't even imagine if he is tough to train and keeps going through them like diapers. When I can do an initial payment of everything I need and never look back. So I decided to try it and so far I like the fluffy stuff. It is so cute on my little boy's bum. We will see where our cloth journey will take us.

OMG! I am addicted!

I have did much investigating into the world of cloth, and while very fascinated by the colors and the idea of going just a little more green, I decided to get a few. Okay, now after an hour long trip to Merced, Ca, to the nearest cloth diaper retailer (I wanted to look at them personally before buying.) I picked up two Fuzzi Bunz. I was supposed to get three but they didn't have another color I liked and I thought "Okay, Mia, you're only supposed to be trying them out." So with my measly two FBs, I started testing my limit with the fluff.
For those of you not in world of cloth diapering (or CD) Fuzzi Bunz is pocket diaper. Pocket diapers basically look and function like a disposable but has a pocket on the inside where an insert goes to absorb tinkle and poop.
The following day, I waited until Hayden pooped as I didn't want my pricey FB getting pooped on first and far most, changed his disposable and put him on a cute little blue Fuzzi Bunz... And sadly was hooked! I loved the look of the cloth diapers so much! Since Hayden got out of newborn diapers, I hated, hated, HATED the look of disposable diaper they looked cheap, plastic, uncomfortable and did I mention ugly. So cloth definitely has a leg up on style. Next, I loved the fit and the thought of lovely cotton touching his delicate private area instead of sitting in gelled pee. Cloth diapers have more absorbency and therefore are WAY more puffy and bulky than disposable though Hayden was walking around with what looked like a clown's butt.
Hayden is at the age where he doesn't pee all day but when he does it could fill a dam. So I wasn't for sure his cloth diaper could with hold him peeing on it. I kept it on for about 2-3 hours checking periodically to see when he would soil my precious diaper oops HIS precious diaper. They are so cute I wish they were mine! And after about 2 hours of dryness we got a tinkle, yay!!! And the Fuzzi Bun was barely fazed, I couldn't believe it.
The next day, knowing Hayden poops usually sometime in the morning, I immediately changed him into a FB wanting him to poop this time in it. I wanted to see if I could handle the poopy side of cloth diapering because pee is so easy, poop is what everyone is afraid of. I CDed him without a liner, people, wanting the entire experience. A liner is a sheet that allows moisture through to the diaper but holds waste to make clean up easier.
Hayden, I guess, thought that if I was going to change a cloth diaper it may as well be the messiest thing he could muster. With the combo of him wanting to nurse all day and his molars coming in, he had a major blowout on my BRAND NEW FUZZI BUNZ! I immediately wipe him up, salvaging my favorite FB from the wreckage. I immediately started recanting everything I had read about cleaning poop from a cloth diaper, fearing it would stain my precious. I swished in the towel bowl, popped my FB in plastic bag and immediately ran the wash tossing it in. I used a combo of baking soda and a tiny bit of free and clear detergent, running first a cold rinse and spin, then washing it in cold before washing it again in hot. I was serious about my Fuzzi Bunz.
Anyway, I didn't gag, I actually didn't care that it was poop at all, I simply cared about getting that stain out of my Fuzzi Bun. And with that I ran to CottonBabies.com to look up prefolds and All-in-Ones to try out next! I also ran out to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap prefolds (Gerber prefolds are reviewed to be very cheap prefolds that hold nothing!)
I plan on testing out lots to see what I like, also on getting some REAL prefolds and testing out a couple of different brands of diaper covers, purchasing two more Fuzzi Bunz and trying an All-In-One. But with so many colors I like I know that I will end up buying more than I need. Because I am addicted to the fluff!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hayden is growing his molars and boy is it tough. He's grumpy, wants to nurse 24/7 and that's when he is not putting everything in his mouth to sooth his pain. Unfortunately, this also means that tantrums are an all time high and bedtime and naps are the breeding ground to tantrums.
I am trying to get him to sleep in his own crib and while he will do it, he's doing it with much resistance. He is so STUBBORN! In our sleep situation, we have created a great comprise: We put his crib next to our bed, Hayden is to fall asleep by himself with Daddy laying next to him in the bed, we switch him to his crib once he is sleep. The only exception to this rule is if Daddy is not around, he can fall asleep with me on the breast. But I guess Hayden doesn't like the crib situation. He wants our bed!
I am contemplating starting to put him in his own room, in his full size bed but this scares me so much! He can get into so much in his own room before we are awake, it also spills into my sleep if he wakes during the night. And he can escape! Well, kinda. We have blocked off the living room with a gate but I don't trust, Hayden is SUPER STRONG AS HE IS STUBBORN.
Today I got him down for a late nap no problem until it came to moving him to his crib. His eyes snapped open immediately, scanning for the culprit who put him in that vile crib, imitting a beacon of screams that made me immediately latch him on before starting our routine all over.
He needs his sleep because he's a mini monster without his naps, especially coupled with the pain of his teething. It's been over two months since his gums swelled and I can feel the teeth poking through with I inspect his gums, I just hope they make their appearance soon. Because it's tough seeing him in pain and needing sleep and having no relief.

Sigh...To better Days...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well Enough

Hayden awoke this morning a little sickly this morning and I was about to head off for another pop in visit to the doctor, when my instincts checked me at the door: if he isn't feverish and still playing around, then he isn't that sick. So I allowed him the freedom to wonder around a little bit to see exactly how sick he was....

Well enough to play with his quad...

Well enough to read some books...

And to steal Daddy's chair

And to sit still long enough to let me snap a pic

Even well enough to throw a fit

He even discovered the joys of our storage closet!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Tomorrow Brings...?

It's amazing how fast this second year is going. Yesterday while in line for Starbucks, chatting with my hubby what we are doing for Halloween, it hit me that Hayden will be 15 Months on the 22nd of this month. My mouth dropped open, my eyes grew ten times their normal size as I digested that I had not only forgotten, but also that Hayden is growing up and Mommy is just along for the ride.
Yeah, 15 months, 3 Months into the second year no biggie, he was learning to turn over only a year ago. Now he is putting together "I" with everything. YEEEH!
Then today while strolling online for some new season Autumn clothing, I was bamboozled by Halloween costumes from Old Navy. Why, oh, Why?! With the Holidays, everything happens so fast, I really will loose time with the Holidays and the inevitable fact that when they come Hayden will be between 17-18 Months old. When they are finally over Hayden will be 19-20 Months old, only four months until two! I could die, crying with joy, sadness, pride, and fear thinking about my baby being...2...Oh, God, why?!

A recent visit to the doctor gave Hayden's height at a whooping 33inches tall, that's almost 3 feet, people. And a weight of 25lbs- No wonder my back hurts when I pick him up. All this puts him at above 95 percentile for height and between 50 to 75 percentile for weight. Still, even that makes me long for the days when he was only 7lbs and 21in. and so easy to carry and was so tiny. He has now tripled his weight and has added a whole foot to his height.

Because of his height his weight hardly shows and Hayden happens to be a pretty buff kid (I'm always getting questions about his muscular physique and how strong he is). But when it comes to his feet, he has duck feet! They are so big! Recently, he outgrew his size six shoes, which I wasn't too happy about, as I was trying to wait until it actually got colder to purchase anymore shoes for Hayden. My little man's feet though were not having it, luckily my Mom bought him some new shoes that he can fit, which keeps me from having to hopefully until September at the earliest and October at the latest. I'm thinking going to a kid's shoe store to get his feet fitted so that he can finally have some shoes that fit right (he deserved that, right?) but shoes in those stores are so expensive and Hayden's feet have a mind all their own. I'm just not sure if they are worth spending that much money on something he can grow out of so quickly.
Same goes with clothes, lately, my heart has been going out to Target for his shirts and tops for this summer, but his jeans usually come from Old Navy- This Summer I did purchase a few pants from Target. JcPenney has also captured my eye too for some clothes. Still Old Navy is my store of choice. It's just hard to fit Hayden with him being what Dr. Sears calls a "banana baby." If I get something that fits his height it doesn't stay on his waist; if it fits his waist, it's too short. Height wise he is in a size 18 Months, waist wise he can still fit a 6-12 month size jeans from Old Navy.
Between Hayden growing up, growing stronger and his sizes in clothes and shoes, Halloween should be interesting. But I have keep up with him through the rest of August and through September first... And all that raising a very active 1 year old brings.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ugh! I have stalled at 159lbs. I go up, I go down in ounces but never in pounds. But I have decided that anywhere between 150 and 159 is good for my height and I will start focusing wholeheartedly on toning. So that means I need to try to carve out some time to hit the gym (and the motivation.) Easier said than done: I really, really hate exercise except for yoga.
So I guess it's time to dust off the old yoga mat and ball, step into a department store for some DVD's on yoga and pray I get sometime to actually do it...without Hayden running around.

Out of Options...

When Hayden was an infant everything seemed more clean cut and narrow. The decisions of how to raise him, put him to sleep, what would be read to him, and so on were so easy as he didn't have much of a say but a whimper and cry. Now with the toddler stages hitting, he has major opinion, personality, and a case of stubbornness so strong Superman couldn't break this kid's will. And let's not forget to mention that toddlers are notorious for routine and keeping things the way they are.
But Hayden and I are always fighting a uphill battle when it comes to sleeping. I have gone through so many different bedtime routines, I could write a book on infant/toddler sleeping. I have done the rocking, laying down in bed with him, the swing, the car, the stroller ride, a bath before bed, reading before bed, breastfeeding, even trying Daddy to put him to sleep. He is hard to get to sleep! Every time we get a routine that puts him out in less than 30 minutes, he suddenly becomes immune and it doesn't work anymore. Right now he is on a routine of playing, dinner, playing while I draw him a bath, cleaning up for the night, a bath, a snack (sometimes), reading then bed. To actually get him to sleep, I usually sit in a dark room with light music playing, breastfeeding him to sleep. It has been working like a charm for over a month. And it has been a miracle at getting him to sleep by his bedtime, so why does this kid seem to want to stir the pot?
He is rejecting being put to sleep by the breast anymore (blessing for me, maybe I can dry up) so this means having Daddy try or a car ride. Daddy doesn't always work and the car is a burden as no one wants to put him in the car and drive aimlessly when all we want is some sleep. And we even had a few nights were he stayed up pass midnight, he didn't even do that as a infant! Its not easy because he is sleepy, uber sleepy actually: he just doesn't want to go. And the longer he's up the grumpier he is and the more frustrated I get.
I don't know what will work but I will try to change a few things to see if it works but as with all toddlers, there is never a guarantee.
I just want a few things: some sleep, Hayden to bed at a good time, and a easy way to do it...maybe in another lifetime, huh?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dude, Where's My Blog?

I have been a lazy, lazy blogger lately, averaging about one to two posts a week(two posts on a good week.)Piddly, I'd say. But I do have 1 big reason that leads to a few smaller ones. So let's begin:
Big Reason 1: I haven't been home
That leads to: why haven't you been home, Mia?

few smaller reasons:

Okay, two maybe three weeks ago, my husband and I started what I will call the "car chase." We have been looking for a new car for God knows how long now, and a few weeks back my hubby and I spotted a Lancer that came close to what we were looking for. This lead us up and down with the seller being shady, not answering questions that were key for us, and ultimately us not dealing with him. In between, our twenty four questions game with the Lancer seller my hubby's Dad spotted an '05 PT cruiser with extremely low mileage that belonged to an elderly lady. BINGO! This was the original car we had thought would fit our growing family well, and we really wanted to get a car from a private dealer. So we looked, we saw, we loved! And finally one week after seeing the car it has been bought! Yay, new car for us!! Well, yes and no, it's ours we just don't have it in our possession yet, it's parked safely in my husband's parents garage for now.

Last Saturday, my family had a BBQ, which ended in my Mom going into the hospital early Sunday morning for stomach pains. After much worry and running around with unanswered questions, we know that she has gall stones near her bladder that require surgery and that she has been scheduled for surgery and postponed many times. She is still in the hospital, I just came back from there actually, and we are waiting on the Doctor to give another time for her surgery. So here;s to hoping to sometime soon.

Here's a picture of Hayden at the hospital today and a video. Enjoy:

Both baby and the camera were fine but Mommy sure was scared about Hayden launching himself off chairs

Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeing how it goes

Earlier in July, I had posted about going green and switching to cloth diapers. Well, over one month later, I have gathered enough information to know what's out there in the world of fluff, know what brands I wish to try, and slowly switch Hayden to cloth. Tomorrow I fully intend to order me three cloth diapers to try out to see which I like and others I don't: including Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius 4.0, and the incredibly expensive Bummis Easy Fit All in One. It will be great to see Hayden sporting the wonderful colors cloth diapers offer, me saving a few bucks after a while and saving the environment.
But I'm wondering why no one told me that being a Mom sometimes would feel like being Superman: saving the world one diaper at a time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hayden is really liking his new MyPal, Scout

It all started when Hayden met Scout...

"Hi, how are you?"

"Now, how does this thing work?"

"Talk or I will shake you!"

Scout: "Help Me!"

"Ahahahah! He said, 'help me.'"

"Mommy, Scout needs CPR"

Now a week later they have come an understanding...

Hayden goes to sleep listening to Scout sing him lullabies...

...Goes to sleep with Hayden

And Hayden will be nice to him...only sometimes though.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tidbit: Mommy and Baby

It's 1:21pm and Hayden has fallen asleep...not to me breastfeeding him, nope, but to me softly reading him a story about going to sleep. With moments like this, I find myself not wanting to put him down but to stay just like this in Mommy and baby bliss. At 14 months, Hayden is still the same "easy" baby I brought home...well at least sometimes...