All American Girl

I am a dreamer, a mystical fairy person, who loves seeing all things magical , mystical and mysterious and seeing the world as such.

I am a creative person, who thrives off of creative expression be it music or something artsy. I am for it, I love it, I mostly dabble in it.

I have a passion for photography, reading, and writing- These things have quickly consumed my life, my soul, my heart, shaping my journey.

I love music (playing, singing and writing it), writing poetry, fashion, crafting, learning to make my own things (DIY). And ever since I have been very young I have been consumed with all things old, starting with old Europe (I heart European history badly) to the 80's, I love old, antique, vintage! It makes my heart go pitter patter.

I like dancing, theater, photo editing, collecting (hoarding) pencils, paper, notebooks, journals, candles, and other oddities that sparkle in my mind's eye.

Photography has crept up on just like my love for fashion and clothes. I now see the world in photos! Everything I see I ask how to make that into a great photo? Or I wish I had my camera that's a great photo! Photography is my vision, my world through a lens, reflecting, bouncing off of mirrors and prisms, to be locked into the land of digital taken from my mind. It makes me feel, think, remember to breath, to take one step at time. It makes me...well me.

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