Friday, December 31, 2010

The Things I was going to do

As humans, everyone has an ever-growing to-do list. But as a Mom you have the"ever-growing-to-do" list. Things get added to this list with the knowledge that a toddler is unpredictable, resulting in little things amongst the day that get added.

Things like the following are common. You have laundry to do, you also think of getting it folded and stored the same day (never happens for me), and the toddler descends upon your newly cleaned laundry, tossing it everywhere but the basket, giggling happily. To do: "put laundry in basket and place basket in a toddler safe zone. " Or you have the toddler help clean his/her room, put him down for a nap, stroll into the kitchen where bright red crayon is etched on your fridge displaying your toddler's stick figure scribble. This is the scribble that tots claim so matter of factly is a "flower" but it looks as if someone hired a drunk artist drew on your fridge. To do: "Clean fridge, put crayons in toddler safe container."

That stuff I have prepared for, what I never expected is the adult "why do you keep putting this off" to do list. Now this I seem to be a master at.

I was supposed to fold the laundry instead I sat at my computer, watching old Jon and Kate plus 8 episodes (guilty pleasure).

I was supposed to take a much-needed nap (will get into why I needed a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon on another post) but I ended up making an AOL account and this Blog. Sorry Yahoo, you have officially been abandoned for Gmail and AOL.

I was supposed to be penning writing samples and instead I read on copy writing.

I was supposed to start potty training Hayden. I printed out a custom-made rewards chart, tacking it on the bathroom wall. I see it every time I go in there but it never seems to don on me: oops, you really should be at least doing some bare minimum stuff. P.S. Hayden is so ready to be trained it knocks me back, I thought I had at least 6 more months of my cloth bummed "baby." No its I who am not ready. Some tire of changing bums, I am not immune either but it's a fair trade to me if I can simply keep this last stage; This last sign and clue of his infancy for a little bit longer.

I was supposed to clean today. The house following the Holidays has been deeply neglected and was in shambles. Instead I turned in for a very early nap, relinquishing all parental duties and house keeping over to my husband.

I am far from perfect, I am a neat freak with OCD tendencies I am only starting to notice with the follow through of an infant. I know that I am making things harder in the long run, equipped with bigger and longer jobs rather than small, shorter jobs. I seem to be putting so many things off lately, maybe sometime this year I will learn, maybe not but what I have learned is that I need some major me time. So that I am not like "laundry, caring for Hayden, cleaning! That is all my life is!" I'm thinking if I step back I will come like a million times more willing to get things done, stopping only getting things planned.

My fingers are crossed and tomorrow I really need to get this laundry stored. Easier said than down with a toddler running about.

A year of Living with Hayden













Looking at all the pictures makes me realize how slow everything is going. I look at these pictures and I literally remember all of them each seeming so long ago. But it also brings me to the conclusion that I think of Hayden a lot older than he is. In my mind right now he is almost two, when actually he has many more months to go. My New Years resolution now is to sit back and enjoy Hayden instead of thinking of him being so grown up and of him growing. I want to miss nothing!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a difference!

The picture above is of Hayden exactly 1 year ago on 12/30/09

This is Hayden today on 12/30/10

I can't believe how much he has grown and how different he looks! I am wondering what is to come with the new year! Lots probably!

And I also saw how much he changed when he opened his presents on Christmas Eve at his Grandparents house. At first he was skeptical, looking at his cousins open their presents and wondering why the presents were hidden under this paper. Then we finally let him open one of his showing him that he was supposed to tear the paper to see what he got...And we quickly learned that we had a Christmas-Wrapper-tearer-monster on our hands.

Hayden was beyond estatic to rip at the paper, at first meekly tearing off small pieces, but our laughter at how dainty he was with the paper I guess make him realize that maybe he was supposed to just have at it.

I took mostly videos during Christmas so bear with me as it will probably take a few more posts (hopefully not) to put up the ones that I wish to post.

Coming soon: Hayden plays the piano.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know that its been awhile but I have since not only met my weight goal but I am now weighing less than I did when I got pregnant. My goal was not anorexia so I stopped the dieting and am very satisfied but I still plan on sticking to an exercise routine to keep fit and healthy.

How I did it?

I started Weight Watchers, I exercised very little because it was hard fitting in time between Hayden and working at home, I started eating meat, vegetable, and starch at every meal. Breakfast always had fruit and a vegetable same with lunch. I portioned very well with veggies and fruit the majority, meat in the middle and carbs very small. I went organic with every fruit and vegetable also I bought it fresh, fixed as much as I could from scratch with whatever time I had. I saw weight loss almost immediately. I was losing easily a pound a week some weeks I stayed the same but in a month's time I had lost between 3-5 pounds easy. I wasn't starving or bitter because I wasn't eating anything that I didn't like.
And the biggest upside to this is Hayden. Hayden is a very good eater now when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Lately he has had a very demanding disposition when it comes to seeing sweets but I quickly tell him he can't have it everyday, but if he wants a snack I can give him one (which I try to make as healthy as possible usually his snacks are fruit).

I am hoping to post more as time grants and do something more with this blog.

My Baby Can Read...

I was wondering if anyone has tried my baby can read and what is the cost range in it. Also I was wondering if it worked and how well.

*I know, I know you really want to know what happened for Christmas but I am still sorting through pictures and deciding what to post and what not to so I will try to post something later on today while Hayden is at my Mom's house and I have the freedom to do everything in one sitting.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today is Christmas Eve's Eve! And we only have 1 day, 1 hour and 9 minutes until Christmas. 'Tis the season to be jolly and I am!

Christmas is upon us and I am signing out for the next few days as in David's family everything is opened on Christmas Eve. My family opens presents one today and the rest on Christmas morning!

Today was also Hayden's Grandpa's Birthday. We had a great dinner for his birthday as usual but for a change Hayden was awake for the birthday cake!!

To say he very much enjoyed it would be an understatement

Cya everyone after Christmas, I am determined to take lots of pictures this year.

From the Boyles Family:
I am wishing everyone a Very Magical, Memorable, Happy, Lovely, Thankful, (food and cookies galore) Merry Christmas equipped with lots of gifts and family and love and joy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the second day of Christmas...

Oh, My, oh my, today has been a day filled with firsts! Say, What?

Hayden had his first piece of pizza today. He ate it like a champ, didn't pick the toppings off whatsoever but instead eating it holding sides just like a big boy!

Today was his first time helping me load the dishwasher, which he did a GREAT job at!

Today he got his first pair of Jordan shoes from his great Aunt!

Today also my boy turned OMG 19 Months (is he getting up there or what?)

Hayden is 19 Months he is around 27lbs still and 35 inches. He wears a size 24 months in pants (in the least) for height and 18 months in tees but I can put him on a 2 or 3T just find.

As the days go by Hayden has been really growing into himself. He now can call me when he wants something done or to help him, not just grunt. He calls me Mom incessantly to the point being annoying. But it is really the most beautiful annoying words ever!

He can play in his room undisturbed now, he knows that that is his room and that it holds all his toys and he sleeps in there. Transitioning him into his room has been brilliant! The best thing ever! He loves it and has had no complains. He goes down easier now and sleeps a little longer. He still is feeling himself around a bit when it comes to putting himself back to sleep in the middle of the night and coming into our room.

This pass week I started sitting down with him and drawing to improve his fine motor skills. This activity has really taken off with Hayden, he now will sit down on his own and draw, has learned to undo the marker caps and place them back on. So far it seems as if he has gotten his Mommy and Daddy's hand in drawing.
The plus of this is he has one more interest than just cars and reading. The negative is he has already taken his drawing hand elsewhere besides paper.

I am realizing how independent he is starting to get and how much he understands. This is my favorite stage.

Oh yeah, only 2 days and less than two hours until the Big Day: Christmas!! Happy Holidays everyone.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the third day of Christmas...

3 days and and 5 hours until Christmas, say what!!

I am so excited that I can't think straight. No, really, I have had a trouble filled week starting with Monday, where I lost track of all work, got up earlier than usual, didn't see Hayden for hours, and wasn't home for a sick amount of time (which is starting to show in my housekeeping.) My BFF of 12 years today had eye surgery to remove cataract from her right eye and I HAD to be there as a support system. My husband dropped off Hayden at my Mom's house, which was weird to awake and not see him nor be able to hug him and say bye. Following the surgery, my BFF and I gave into some much needed sleep (we both have toddlers under two) so we crashed until late evening. WHAT A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE.
But of course, I missed Hayden like crazy and had to get home to see my boy. I knocked on my door and immediately I could hear Hayden babbling excitedly behind the door, which he helped open. I love, love, LOVE the hugs he gives me after he hasn't seen me for a bit: I open my arms and he just runs into them, giving me the most precious hugs and kisses. I know 100% that he missed me, oh my. But today after our hugs and kisses, he leaned a bit as if he wanted Daddy to hold him. I told Dave this and Dave came to get him, but Hayden pulled back just stretching out his arm. Then it clicked: he wanted a group family hug. WE have all hugged together before but usually it occurs when I go to hug David and Hayden gets jealous, so I give him a hug and then we do a group hug. But tonight was the first night that Hayden just asked for it. It was so weird to know that was what he wanted. It was such a magical moment. Today, I have come to the conclusion that Hayden is fully aware that we are his family, that we love him, and so far we are doing an excellent job.
It is so rare when a parent can sit down, take in everything and sigh knowing that so far they are doing their best for their child AND their child thinks so too.
on the 3rd day of Christmas my TL gave to me: a magical moment with my family.

Monday, December 20, 2010

On the fourth Day of Christmas

My TL Gave to me... (Wow, really only 4 days and 14 hours until the big day, for those of you who still have shopping to do, it's nail biting time: The Big Christmas Rush!)

Baby Lust! OMG, I know, I know Hayden is supposed to be the one and only, right? But with SO many pregnant women I see running around it is very hard not to think about giving Hayden a little brother. Brother? Oh, you mean Brother or Sister. No...I mean brother. I was just looking at this blog I follow and she is 28 weeks pregnant with another son, looking at her blog I was just over flooded with images of Hayden being a big brother. Now the weird thing is I dream. Well, everyone dreams I know but does every one dream about having another child who is always the same boy in every dream? Probably not, but even so I still think that it is odd that before Hayden was even nine months old, I was dreaming of a second son, who has reappeared in other dreams too, AND he's the same boy all the time.
Now bare with me here. I always imagined when I thought of more children the usual: A boy or a girl, doesn't really matter, a bundle of joy is just what it is, a bundle of joy no matter what. But I just imagine TWO Hayden's (or another being that is close to Hayden in looks, slightly varying in age that I birthed, if you want to get techncial). Both of them raiding the toy box together, giving me hugs, following me around pulling on my pants leg, DOUBLE DIMPLED SMILES -that totally sounds like a flavor of ice cream- rough housing together, sitting down reading books together, stealing one anothers toys and crying to me about, which I promptly stressed through clenched teeth: "share!" And they give me looks as if I was not only NOT speaking english, but a language of an ancient alien species never known to man. Sure I am not naive, it's not all sugar and rainbows, having Hayden all day is not sugar and rainbows but I make it. And his smiles, his sweet, energetic nature ready to get up and play and explore like yesterday never happened brightens my day, makes my life so much more brilliant too. There will be days when they will not sleep, or when one needs a nap and the other is going 120 miles per hour and no one gets a nap. Days when I probably will literally feel like jumping off a skyscraper or not get up and face two little ones two years apart. But I guess I see myself as a "boy" mama! The challenges are endless and the pros are fleeting compared to how easy it is with only one child.
With Hayden babysitting is a breeze everyone wants to babysit him, but two kids is chaos- beautiful chaos and two boys is an Apocalypse. People love to shower Hayden with gifts and love and right now he gets all the attention (some think of this as negative, I know) with a little brother everything would be split.
I see the things I am taking away from Hayden by not giving a sibling, and also what I am taking away by thinking about giving him a sibling.
Scared? Yes. confused? Beyond belief. Overall though when I think of two little boys, I get flooded with all the nice thoughts and feelings in the world. When I think of having a daughter, I am at a lost. Maybe because I have Hayden, I know what to expect but that doesn't give weight either because I could have a son that is way different than Hayden. And I do have images of how I will be with a daughter and the excitement that comes with the thoughts of bows, Christmas dresses, and everything in the world of pink and frilly. I even have a name for my daughter: Lillian Marie. It sounds so beautiful, it is hard to give that up.
Hmmm, I'm a-thinking, a-thinking. I am also considering age if Hayden gets too old I really don't want to thrust a baby in the mix. I want him to have a connection with his sibling, something that I think usually comes with two kids being close in age.
Well, happy holidays, everyone, the day in Cally is just starting, I will try to finish some thoughts later on this sudden baby lust, or maybe it die just as quickly as it started. But ta-ta for now because I need to meet up with a very pregnant sister of mine for an ultrasound. I tell ya, babies are popping up everywhere it's a modern day baby boom.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the fifth Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

a sleepless toddler until 3 a.m., who was ultra cranky all day! But I couldn't care too much because we have only 5 Days and two hours until Christmas! Merry Christmas, everyone, and to all a good night.

Friday, December 17, 2010

On the seventh day of Christmas...

The countdown to Christmas has begun people! We have seven days left until Baby Jesus' Birthday, YAY! To say I'm UBER EXCITED is a major understatement! Plus, I scored some decent pictures of the "blur," which I made into a collage.

It is pouring cats, dogs, AND baby kittens in Fresno, Ca until Christmas so there goes my idea of photos outside. And even though I really was considering buying so more gifts, the rain is literally a sign from Heaven that I should not. I believe I am simply overwhelmed with the Christmas spirit and that is whispering evil ideas on spoiling my son something rotten. Plus, the more I buy the more I have to find a place for everything in Hayden's room, which is already bulging with toys. You have to also know that Hayden will probably get tons upon tons of toys from my family and David's too (Hayden is the only child born, period, on my side of the family and he is the baby of David's family, any more question?)

Oh yeah, on the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Rings? Gold? Nope BETTER!
Nice pictures of Hayden, aka "The Blur."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Lane (Beware pictures Galore!)

We took Hayden to Christmas Tree Lane this year. Christmas Tree Lane is an event that happens every year in Fresno, Ca. The Lane is decorated in honor of a child that died who lived on the street. The lane is decorated in Christmas decor and lights every Christmas year in honor of the child.

Last year we went on one of the walk nights but Hayden was really too young to appreciate it much then beside a smile here and there and eventually falling asleep. But this year was TOTALLY different. We couldn't walk it this year because it rained here on Tuesday, which was one of the walk nights, instead we decided to drive down the lane. We awoke Hayden minutes before the lane started and he was plesantly greeted with bright lights and Christmas decor galore!

The lights brought a big smile to his face

The entire ride he was very vocal, frequently pointing at something saying "mama."

We saw Bubblebee and Optimus Prime in their Christmas gurb

Hey by this little smile there's no doubt about it, Hayden is one little guy who is excited about Christmas!

up, down

Video of Hayden playing

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got Silence?

Hayden seems to be growing up and up...and beyond! He can say a few sentences, complain alot, talk back even more, and tell me he isn't ready for bed but he wishes to wear his "so-ck" and "shooo oohs" all day every day and that is in between him incessantly calling me "mama" "mama" "mama" So why the silence? AH! Are you kidding me? Hayden is a little blur right now, I hardly can catch a glimpse of this energetic dude, let alone get a picture. And as for usually means...well, it usually means nothing is going on, nothing is being said, it's just dead. Hayden hasn't gotten that memo just yet, he can tell me "shut up" in plain english but he hasn't grasped that that means silence obvisously because he talks ALL the TIME! In sentences, in questions, in defiance, in ultra fast gibberish that only few understand, but there is never silence.

Meet the blur

I had plans to get him some X-Mas pictures taken at Sears and it occurred to me not to even waste the money. There was no way, no way in heck my little blur was going to sit still long enough and listen to direction to get good pictures. So ta-ta to professional pictures for 2010. And I'm loving every hair raising, mouth open in horror, driving me crazy minute of it! I love this stage, it is the best, and way better than I could have ever hoped for! He is so loving and... I don't know so Hayden. I see his personality so much now and who he is. Even now as I'm writing, I had to stop because I heard the most frightening thing any Mom can hear...SILENCE! Then the sweet jingle jangle chime of my Christmas tree...and low and behold it's my blur! Getting over the shock that I actually am seeing him in the flesh, stopping for something, I realize he has shaken my bulbs from the beloved tree! Mon Dieu! And now he has locked himself in my closet...

The blur butchering my Christmas Tree (Notice the bald spots)

He is all about phones, cars, and shoes. Those are his interests right now, along with doing anything he eyes me doing.

And because I finally saw how much the blur was growing up we put him in his own room on Saturday. Yes, that is right we have lift off! He has slept in his room for two nights now and he is taking his first nap in the there now. Yes, I was scared the first night that he would be scared or someone would magically know that he was in his room and kidnap him. I stayed up until 3 a.m. the first night listening to every sound and creek that ushered from his room, ready to protect him with a fiery that only other Mothers can match. But now I am ready (kind of), I like looking at my room knowing I can close the door and not be bothered, we have a space for the first time in a year and a half were Hayden doesn't have to be. We have our space and he has his. Weird...But I'm loving it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decking The Halls (pic heavy!)

We put our tree shortly after Thanksgiving and our tree let's just say has had a hard time adjusting to Hayden frequently shaking it, trying to make the bulbs fall off. We put up half of our lights and stockings before we called it a night because Hayden was not taking decorating the tree well.

So about two weeks later, we decided to finish what we had started...

Hayden took to the lights very well

He loves the lights on the tree, asking me to turn them on even during the day

Here he thought the lights were very cool to play with

He even tried to plug them in

sadly he was shut down

but he didn't let that stop him

He quickly dashed in to help me put hooks on the bulbs

He even tried to (unsuccessfully) hang them on the tree

When we first put up the tree, he pointed to where he wanted to bulbs to go and I hung them for him.

but this time when he couldn't do it...

He stole some bulbs from the tree

which I quickly retrieved and rehung

I later put a bow on my little guy because he is the best Christmas present ever!

Before we went outside to see what Daddy had done



can't wait to take Hayden to Christmas tree Lane