Check Me Out

I have been Married to David for four years, he is my best friend and the person that can get under my skin the most. David + I = Hayden, who was born on May 22nd, 2009.
I am a woman of Faith, a modern day renaissance woman. I am everywhere doing everything, I can't be bored, I can't be still, I am always up for trying out something new expanding myself and my knowledge. I just love to do it all.
I have been known to be a bit of a bohemian. I am an artistic visionary person, who creates art in many mediums and has a way with the written word and can always be found cracking open a book.
I am a student and lover of art, writing, and all things in the world of romanticism, Neo-Victorian, steam punk, fantasy, myth, folklore, ethereal, and surrealism art and literature. I am heavily influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite period arts and writings, bohemian era lifestyle, surrealism, and impressionism and the Great Masters.
I have an obsession with vampires and other dark things, I am learning to craft, balance mothering my son while juggling many hobbies/loves in the artistic realms of my mind and soul.
Recently, I have been reading and gearing up to learn more on photomontage, photo manipulation, and to break down the walls of digital art and 3D animation.
In my writings, I am at the beginning stages of brainstorming ideas for my latest writing project- most likely a work of fiction, possibly with a teen audience. But who knows- it is only a brainstorming stages.
I usually create in my bedroom, my favorite place (when its clean) the air scent intoxicating with incense, candles burning in the background and some music to go with the mood of whatever I am working on. 

Art and Design
Mid 2011, after much research on college majors, I was drawn to graphic design and art. I have been drawing for many years but I stopped because of how much it drew me into it. I would start working on something just to look up and realize hours had passed. But I decided to take it up again and the career of design seemed great for me as I love to create and have some many different things going on at any given time, graphic design seemed to have all that I'm into rolled into one. I love sketching some far charcoal and mechanical pencils are my best friend, but hope to some grow into pastels and painting. I am learning digital art, animation, and many other things. Art makes me so excited, I can't believe to have found something that I love so much.

In music, I'm very broad but mostly I listen to punk, indie, alternative, metal, folk and some classical. Metallica, Trapt, Breaking Benjamin, The Clash, The Ramones, Nirvana, 3 Days Grace, Kings of Leon, Enigma, Linkin Park, Korn (old stuff) I like so many bands and types of music it's really too many to name. ;)

Photography: Photography I am just getting into, but I wanted to learn about it for years. My Bff and I have talked endlessly over the years about doing photography, but something always came and swept it up. But lately I have been deeply drawn to it through inspiration from some Mom/Photography/bloggers, whose blogs I love. A sorta fairytale, Thoughts and Whatnots, and Irocksowhat. Especially Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale, her pictures of her son are breath taking!

Thanks for checking out the blog, hope to see you back