The Blog

I'm Mia. I'm Mom to a very energetic little boy named Hayden,who utterly rocks my socks. I am married to David, who has been my partner in crime for 4+ years now. I married in my early twenties and about two years later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that has been my reason for everything I am and want in life. Being young, married, and taking care of a child is a unique challenge in itself , but we are normal parents trying to do the best for our child in whatever situation.

This blog is about me, my family, my imperfects that tear me apart and make me who I am through writing, art and photography.  It is to be a collection of stories, of sharing, of honesty, a painting: background soft, middle developing and foreground undecided, a glimpse into someone else life: my own. This blog is the journey of me, myself, and I as I finally buckle down to make the necessary changes needed in my life to be who I see myself being.