Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 28th...

On the 28Th of January I had a birthday!! Yay, PARTY!! Well, kinda but not really actually, it was a Friday and most of the world was at work so I spent it with my special little man, Hayden. I slept myself into an oblivion this day, nice I know, and surprisingly Hayden let me as if he knew that it was my special day.
I cooked him breakfast as usual, got him dressed same as usual, decided to get dressed myself. Then take a walk around with him when I opened the blinds and saw what a pretty day it was.
As soon as we got outside, I saw how much Hayden changed. He smiled big open smiles at everyone, so many people thought that he was so cute. He waved happily at our mail woman, smiling with both dimples eating away at his cheeks. As we took our walk he obediently held my hand, bouncing like Tigger along the way. He giggled "Hi" to almost every person we passed. Even decided to be a big boy, literally mocking me, and walking along side me, gazing up at me as if saying "Look, Mom, I'm walking just like you."
I usually can care a less about my birthday but this year, I loved it, it made appreciate my family and son so much. It slapped me right in the face that it is the little things in the day that made Motherhood so worth it.

I did have a party on Sunday. Fun stuff even it rained and overall was a sad, dreary day in which I had a stuffy nose and an headache that wouldn't go away. And I tried out a new recipe that I had never had before: Shepherd Pie. I loved it. As soon as my MIL gets me that recipe I will try to make it myself yummy. i stuffed myself stupid with dinner and doubled my efforts with homemade cake (I'm a lucky girl) and even though I will probably be working off the calories and fat for an entire week, I loved it! INDULGING

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hayden decided to...

I haven't forgotten everyone out there in blog land. Nope I have only been chasing about a toddler, trying to keep house and knock out work. I know aren't we all...but I did manage to snap a few Kodaks or is it Canon's now, whatever, of my little guy. And instead of posting a billion pics, making an eternally long post I put it in a slide show titled "Hayden decided to." This chronicles my week starting with the 23rd of January until now of things Hayden decided to do. From being a cowboy to Mommy's great pretender, this boy has been quite busy setting Mommy's belly on fire with laughs and giggles.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potty training and speech

I am over the moon to say that Hayden is 50% potty trained. He will go up to the potty standing up like a big boy and pee if he has to go he'll just stand over the potty and go! I am beyond glad that potty training has been so easy because PT was one of the things that completely scared me to death. I didn't think I would be able to do it at all or that my child would be one of those children that took forever to train.
But so far so good. I will be making changes: bye bye disposable diapers! Not when we go out and not when he goes to bed. I'm all cloth, all the time. Yay!!! Hayden will be transferred slowly (slow being the key term here) into big boy underwear to drive home that he has to pee in the potty most of the time now, expect when he is napping or going places he'll be strapped in cloth.

For the last few days, Hayden has been a talking machine- surprising us so much with his extending vocabulary. He now is trying out two word sentences here and there and may a 3 word phase. Two days ago, the hubby went to my Mom's to drop off something, Hayden was with him. When it was time to go Hayden promptly told Daddy "I stay!" Daddy's eyes widened then he tried to tell him he needed to go to help him check the mail. "I stay here!" is all my toddler had to say as everyone in the room looked at one another. Go figure he loves Grandma's house! Yesterday he told Daddy "lay down" so he could race cars on his stomach. And he loves saying "got it" when playing ball. He will even babble on conversational like and then laugh, coo "ooo" before tumbling over in laughter. Speech I have so much fun with because it is amazing to me how much they pick simply by listening and you communicating with a toddler.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two under two

Today I took on the task of two toddlers under two. I was babysitting my best friend's daughter, Autumn, and I had Hayden. The two have a wonderful friendship to be so young, even with all the whining, hitting, and taking that goes on, they love dancing with one another and are always happy to see each other. They hug, hold hands, kiss each other, Autumn will even try to instruct Hayden or get him to do something that I tell him to do. (Today, Hayden tried to touch a laptop that he wasn't supposed to touch and she promptly let him know in toddlerese that he shouldn't touch it as she pointed her finger the laptop, babbled, then pointed at him and said "No, NO").
But the major milestone of today was getting them to sleep... ... wait for it... ... at the same time! YES! Absolute peace. I have babysat before two under two and have always expressed the hardship of getting two toddlers to sleep at the same time, everything else besides separating fights every other five minutes is easy peasy. But today I saw some signs early on that a nap was in order without much thought besides separating the two. I put Autumn on the couch covered in a blanket turning on her favorite show: Dora the Explorer (Thank you Netflix!) while I banished Hayden to his room. The sleep situation with Hayden has been improving: he is in bed every night and on most nights he will sleep through the night. I told him that it was nap time, he needed rest and to get into his bed. This is all routine the only thing I did different this time was I told him to stay in bed and I left the room. Got this: he stayed in his bed. No crying, no trying to sneak out, nothing he stayed. I began collecting blocks off my living room floor, Autumn stayed on the couch and Hayden called me. I went in to see what he wanted, comforted him and left. After he did stand in the crib a few times, calling me, I comforted him, and left. I did do this countless times but it was peaceful and super easy. He fell asleep in less than 15 minutes. No fuss at all. I eventually stole one of Hayden's stuffed animals gave it to Autumn laid her down as she watched Dora and before I crossed into my kitchen, I heard her lightly snoring and thought maybe I would be a cool Mom of two after all. P.S. I still haven't did a pregnancy test, I am SUPER nervous but alas I know I will have to but I'm thinking of at least waiting another week at most. But I am sure about 80% that I will be having another, hopefully after Hayden is 2 preferably between 3 and 5. Why so long? Hmm, mainly Hayden is growing up now in leaps and bounds, I don't want to miss anything. I mean when he is 2 if he is potty trained (going well actually) he can go to preschool and by 3 he will be in preschool, 5 Kindergarden, these things are milestones too, unavoidable. At these he will be in school some hours I can totally swing having a baby then because s/he will have one on one time with me while Hayden is in school, which I think is so important. I don't want to have to divide my time with two kids, I want my second born to get some time with me alone too just as Hayden had. I don't want to miss things going on with Hayden attending to baby #2 or Baby #2 missing things attending to Hayden. I think that Potty training with Hayden is going so well because I don't have a little one to look after right now. I would have been up a creek potty training and caring for an infant- I fear potty training as it is can't imagine that. I'm telling Hayden what the potty is while B#2 is wet. (I really want to have him trained before any baby comes.)
Bottom line: Hayden has so much more growing to do, he has some personality now but when he is 2 it will be even more defined.
Never in a million years did I think that being a parent I would have to so many decisions- big and small- everyday, every week, every month. It is broad and never ending. I really want a baby right now no one knows exactly how much but I know it wouldn't be the right thing to do right now. I know if I am pregnant I will be excited and overjoyed. If not I am totally tanking up on more and other birth control than just protection.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's for Lunch

We had

Cheese sandwiches and pineapples!

Hayden was less than enthused at first but after a bite from his sandwich, he set to work chowing down.

He is big on most fruit and pineapples are no exception. He simply adored them. They, like all fruit, were diminished before anything else on the plate.

He ate everything except for his crust - he has never liked crust just like his Mommy I just forgot to decrust the sandwich. After I had cleaned him up and released him, he came over to my plate (I am a slow eater) snatched one of my pineapples, blew on it and said "hot." I could have died laughing. A pineapple hot?


Hayden today decided that chips go better on the floor than in your tummy

Rather quickly though I'm sure he realized the error of his ways

Because he sprinted for the hallway like his tail was on fire and gave me the most guilty- I'm sorry- look he could muster

And Mommy melted like butter of course...


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alert! OMG

Headaches, nausea, sleeping all day, hungry all the time...OMG...I just realized that I could be having babino #2, sooner than expected.

I don't know if I'm with child at least not yet...
That would involve pregnancy tests and I am so not ready to go there.

but I do know that...

Hayden is changing in many ways that make my head spin. I really have to at least try to keep up. And one of the changes I'm beginning to notice is his fascination with cars and trucks are dwindling and his love for building is well...building. His mega blocks are not a toy that is littering my living room daily, his mega block dump truck is what has been crashing into my leg unexpectedly, and his soft blocks are what he rips his toy box apart for.

He can still be found zooming cars about on my couches or removing Me from said couch so that he can race his cars. Actually he is behind me right now making zooming sounds, singing softly as he races his cars around my unmade bed.

In this house Mega Blocks rule!

In other news, my entire house has been sick with one thing or another. First Hayden got the sniffles, which turned into an infection. While we set to work fighting that with antibiotics, his cold relapsed with a nasty cough that started choking him at night. EEEK! Between taking care of him, pumping him with his inhaler at night to help him breathe, David got struck with a sore throat. That left Mommy to take care of her boys only thing that soon backfired. I got sick mildly with a common cold, Yay, (yeah, right). That caused my insomniac ways to catch up on me, I slept and slept and slept. Or should I say I wanted to sleep. Toddlers don't exactly always allow that to happen. I would get up to care for Hayden then I would be down away as soon as I could; usually when David got home.

This went on until today (oh I did sleep today LOTS because the toddler was a very sleepy little guy) but today I was determined to get something done. My house was in shambles. So I took pain meds for the headache that seemed to haunt me and an hour later, it kicked in enough for me clean a little. But poor David, I was a mega B* all day. I ranted, I raved, I slept, I ranted and I raved. But I do have a good defense my head felt like a log that a woodsman hit with an axe, and I decided that sleep was so important that I didn't need to eat until my stomach was screaming "FOOD, woman, FOOD."

Later I totally filled up with water, that did help too eventually. I snuggled up with David as an "I"m sorry" for all of 0.0 seconds before Hayden woke up from his nap so I decided that we all could snuggle together.

Daddy getting my kisses

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today the blur decided to go diaperless, recently this is not an uncommon thing, he hates disposables now and will only keep on his cloth ones so if he's conscious I usually put him on cloth now. But I wasn't the one doing the changes, Daddy was.
So I asked if he needed to pee he nodded and say "yes." I ran and got the potty, but was sure that we had missed it: in between getting the potty from the bathroom Hayden took a detour. He grabbed one of his toy balls, threw it to initiate catch, which I shot down, and told him potty time. He ignored blasting his way into the living room to play.
I sighed a "you will never be trained because I don't have the patience for this." Suddenly he closed the baby gate in the hallway, went to his potty, stood by it on the side then quickly went to the front...
Imagine how wide my eyes were when he peed in the potty...standing up! I couldn't believe it! I guess I have Daddy to thank for this!
On my quest to make sure Hayden understood that pee came from the body and you put it in the potty, I asked David to demonstrate a few times because he is much more visible. Hayden, of course, thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and quickly tried to do it, which I thought was going to make his training even more hard that he wanted to stand first thing.
Boy oh boy is he learning and growing...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The House of the Living Dead!

David and I are both 150% sleep deprived. I have the worst case of insomnia ever. I have always been a night owl, clocking away in the night while everyone else in the world is snoozing. I always chalked it up to my fascination and liking for the night, it seems so mystical to me. Lately my bedtime has been OVER my limit at 4 am sometimes 5 am Not good in the least.
I have tried laying down, turning everything off, and the usually laying down and closing my eyes and nothing. The clock is ticking, my mind is shouting "I'm bored laying here! I'm overused pleased put me to bed." And the sad part is I'm tired, I know I am tired: I have become reduced to taking showers rather than my usual baths because I fall asleep fine in there, even in the car just not in my bed. And this makes the days murderous because Hayden is up now at 6-7am faithfully now that we have him in his bed on a routine.

David, this pass week, has been home a lot more and he has taken charge of Hayden's sleep situation. So now that Hayden has finally realized that sleeping through the night is not optional but a requirement, David has been taking in all the zzz's he can get. But alas with all the getting up early still he is still very much missing out on sleep. Today while watching T.V. he fell asleep twice. Poor guy doesn't know what sleep is.

On Monday I have a doctor's appointment, I'm definitely letting it be known that I have been having sleeping issues for over two weeks now. Yup, two weeks of being up all night and a zombie, praying for some shut-eye during the day. Luckily I have my Mom so close or else I would have either fell asleep watching Hayden or committed myself already. She has been so good at watching Hayden during the day so I can get some much-needed sleep.

While some days are harder than others, today did not end as bad as it started. And my did it start ugly. Hayden awoke at 6am ready for breakfast and some quality playing time with Mommy as usual, but neither Daddy nor Mom was willing to relinquish sleep. So I invited him into the bed and we fell asleep together for only a good hour, before Hayden awoke again, hungry and not willing to give. So after brow beating David to get up, I got some more sleep until nine almost ten but I was still very beat.

Later on during the day, I dropped Hayden off at my Mom's house, returned home for some more sleep. I was literally on my last leg: standing was painful and keeping my eyes open required so much effort. I was glad to hit the pillow for another two hours. Hopefully after Monday I can rise from the dead so I can get back into the groove of everything and feel so overwhelmed during the day.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Made Brownies!

David and Hayden headed out and picked up Hayden's medicine tonight. I immediately gave him it, and he seems to be at least 10x better already but still a little whiny.
Seeing the prescription gave me chills as it was the same antibiotics he was put on following being pumped with antibiotics when he was hospitalized in the first month of his life. It put me back right there: all the tears that were shed and the anxiety that he was going to stay in there. It left such a sour taste in my mouth. So I thought that when life gives you lemons, you made lemonade, err, I mean, brownies!
Hayden didn't help in the kitchen this time but I did allow him a time honored tradition...Licking the bowl! At first he looked around: "Mommy, what is this stuff?"

Daddy happily showed him the ropes

As Mommy snapped away

Proud of her baby boy

Look at that Smile!



Mommy fears

As a Mom you worry. As soon as you hear the news: "You're pregnant!" There is worry: Do I tell anyone before 3 months, will I carry this baby, does s/he have a heartbeat? You start crossing out days until you are "out of the woods", going on multiple bathroom breaks just to see if you're spotting, stuffing yourself with the most healthiest foods to boost your chances, to boost your child's health. Its all worry. Finally 3 months hit, you settle in but do you really? Every twinge, poke, and braxton hicks brings alarm bells ringing. Finally, your baby arrives, whether your baby scored an excellent 10 on their agar or entered the world emergency c-section and got off to a rocky start: you worry. You worry about them being small, breakable, about feeding them enough, all things that can happen to them so small. You analyze every little spec of lint, dust, and germ, ready to chop down anything and everything that you see that comes near your child.
Then as they get older you worry a little less, but about different things. Now you attack your carpet 30 times a day with a vacuum so little Carl Jr. will have something clean to crawl on, you nuke the high chair with gallons on cleaning product to rid it of germs, picking up molecules off the floor so that your baby will not choke, you get down on hands and knees to see what your baby sees as you super duper baby proof your child's surroundings.
Then they get even older, they get a little more independent and you worry even, even less. You can put them in another room, or leave them in another room without completely and utterly wigging out. You may even leave them to their devices for a little bit. The hovering and helping ceases just a little bit. You even invite thoughts of them as "big kids" and teens. You get used to them being around. You plan 3 year b-day parties 2 years in advance, you find yourself at the grocery store when a 6 year old boy or girl is playing delightfully or doing something that you deem so cute, wondering is _____ going to be like that when they are older? You think of them as preschoolers, think of what preschool you will send them to, even how they will be as teens. You get used to them.
Life before them? WHAT there was a life before my children? Really?! I don't remember that!
But deep down in the back of your mind, it's there still that worry. Those Mommy fears. I have them still. I fear that Hayden will get sick one day and pass away, there is the fear of getting in an accident with him in the car with me, I even fear me dying and leaving him. I fear that someone may kidnap him. I even fear the world sometimes when it comes to him. I often talk of my future with Hayden, I just love it. It brings so much hope and love in me, when I think of him at 2 or 3 even at how he will be at 7 or at 17! What will look like, what will it be like to really have a teenage son, or to have to look up at him after some years of being able to pick him up or bending down to his level! I think of how I will deal when he goes to school or decides "Mommy, I don't want you to kiss me or hide me in front of the guys." (I know how I will deal: I will bawl my eyes out, find his baby pictures reminisce and bawl some more!) And more importantly, how who he will be as a person!
I have deep, deep thoughts of how I wish Hayden to grow up. But I am a very liberal person when it comes to what he likes, wants, and him expressing himself and finding who he is without me trying to mold him into someone else. I'd like to think that I go with the flow very well, but I do want him to be a good man. I want him to one day care for a wife, treat like a princess, while being considerate, passionate, and loving to her - I will have nothing less! Who my son becomes as a man worries me day and night. I know that fathers help, but I am smart enough to know too that it starts with Mothers. How I treat him, what I teach him, where I guide him. But the thing I worry about is I won't know for sure if I'm doing a good job until he gets there and by then it will be too late if not. But I could have one wish it would be that.
Another that keeps me tossing and turning is the only child thing. I love the idea of an only child. You have so much time and energy for just that child, you can devote as much time as you want into them without interruption, that only children usually are more intelligent, mature, and generally have more success in life simply because they have no siblings. In a nutshell, to think that I could boost Hayden's chances in life simply by stopping at only him is golden to me. I mean what doesn't want their child to be mature, responsible, intelligent and successful?
But boy oh boy do I have baby lust! I want me my cute cuddly infant/baby with the cheeks back! I want to look like I swallowed a watermelon that took 10 months to digest again. To feel a baby kicking, wiggling, and hiccuping again inside me. I love the excite of guessing blue or pink! The excitement and planning shopping and the sheer joy and anticipation a new baby brings.
And the biggest reason of all...!!!! I have converted, I totally and absolutely want a daughter. Yup, Mia, the Tomboy, the boy's Mom (has cursed me as the one that will have all boys) wants a girl. A recent shopping spree with my little, err, not so little anymore- very pregnant- sister converted me 100% to the land of pink. I know 50/50 and that is cool if I have another son I really want my Logan too. But Lillian Marie has been on my mind and on my heart for sometime. It's in Target when I pass the girl section going to get Hayden something, its in the uber cute holiday dresses that I so desperately want to but, it's all about the hair that I want to pin up in bows and ponytails, it's in my obsession with little mermaid that I really wish to share. And the idea of having one boy, one girl is perfect. Picture perfect. Boy first, girl second. My prince and princess. HMMMM, maybe I have already decided and just haven't realized it yet...
But the point is I have lots of Mommy fears, even some Mommy guilt. I totally am upset by the finding that I was putting Hayden in danger by not giving him his inhaler and not fighting hand, tooth, and nail as I usually do when it came to Hayden's car seat being replaced with an age appropriate one. After so many nights of my usually happy little boy staying up at night, having temper tantrums over EVERYTHING possible and spending most of his day on time out, I followed my gut, gave my husband the hand and escorted Hayden's butt down to the doc's office. Dave thought Hayden was being stubborn and entering the terrible twos early, I on the other hand look at my little boy, thinking I know him and his persona he is never one to put up too much of a fuss unless it's for bedtime (he hates bedtime!) Hayden is a very chill, happy little guy. He is very serious most of the time, playing with his cars, investigating, or sitting to play with something. He likes to play little games we've played since he could crawl with us, me singing the ABC's, or dancing, even books he really likes! But lately he has only been eating his little heart out and complaining something awful.
As it turns out, Hayden has a low grade fever and an infection on top of his cold. And he is struggling to breath, yup, that would turn me into a grumpy puss too. No wonder he didn't want to go to bed. All because I followed my gut, my fears.
I am all too aware that my child is not promised to me, that makes me incredibly sad, but it makes me cherish him even more. I know Hayden could be here today and not tomorrow, but it's the time I have with him now that I know, that I love, that I appreciate.
What are some of your fears? What are some of your dreams and aspirations for your children?

Monday, January 3, 2011

What's up Doc

Okay it's only two minutes until midnight so why I am up? Well over the Holidays Hayden started the sniffles, nothing to major, but by December 30th, he was hacking something awful. I gave him his inhaler (Hayden has a slight case of asthma) and that took care of it for the most part, especially at night when he was breathing and hacking so hard David and I heard him in our room. On Friday he started the bed theatics, he refused to not only go to bed, but to stay in his bed or go to sleep. For the last few nights, we have tried to keep him on scheldule and keep to him sleeping in his bed, in his room, but boy, oh, boy is it hard. A few nights he would finally go to sleep even if it was a little later than his bedtime of nine P.M. but he would wake spratically and stay up as if it is daytime. For two nights, I bite the bullet and put him to bed (David usually puts him to sleep now) by telling him that I was laying down in the bed with him. And now his nose is like a dripping faucet, the coughing is gone, and worst of all he won't even go to bed AT ALL without screaming as if the world is ending. So we are up,sticking it out yet we are at the end of our tier. I don't what to do when it comes to sleeping with this kid everything was fine, then this I want to say it's because he is sick but he may be entering the terrible two's early. He's been irritable, whining and crying if anything doesn't go his way, time-out is the main discipline method we use and he spends so much more time in there I'm not sure it is working. I am super tired and need to get up early tomorrow, but Hayden is miserible and can't sleep...I don't know what is wrong with him...maybe another trip to the doctor is in order, I really don't want to go but maybe I have to. only thing is I thought sick kids were supposed to be low in energy and sleepy. Hayden is so energetic, I decided to play
with him to tire him out.

playing with the light switch

He got a big kick out that

What's for Dinner?

grilled Steak, steamed broccoli, rice and biscuits!

I'll update later with a picture of Hayden to see how we did!

Hayden finished his plate and then some! But his mood quickly crashed and this was all he was gonna give for the rest of the night, before the insonmia kicked in!


No idea what he was doing here

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

A full two days after New Year, I've got to my resolutions for 2011, I'm telling you that my to-do is obsolete, but I end up doing things whenever I want to or more over when I can.

And without further ado, resolutions:

Be healthier and continue on my path of Green
I am totally doing a lot of green living. I really dove into trying to turn my household as Eco-Friendly as possible earlier in 2010, but my first ounce of trying some green things happened in 2008 when I became pregnant. But in 2010, I wanted to a LEAN MEAN GREEN MACHINE. As it turns out that a lot of the stuff I already was doing was green. I am cheap so I was already yelling "When you leave a room, turn off the light!" to my husband or "Really, David, do you need to keep the game and T.V. on while we eat, that's invisible money you're spending!" Sometimes he gets the picture other times my house is lit up like a Christmas tree in December. I recycle, I buy organic, and I now cloth diaper, my house is filled to the brim with energy-saving products from shower head to my heating system. I am ECO-Friendly. There are still things I can't do though paper towels: I have tried, I have fought, I have lost. As a Mom I can't leave without those babies but I do now buy them in smaller sheets and nature based if that helps. This year I want to get green in cleaning, I have tried this before but I didn't feel like going out and buying all new products, so I cleaned with water and vinegar for a little while, but I just kinda fell off. But in 2011, I will find something that works for me cleaning wise. Hayden has asthma so I am very close to the subject of cleaning products, the things they stuff in there, and the damage it can do.

Health wise, I complete fell off meal planning. I used to be very much on top of what my family put in them to fill their tummies, we still don't gobble junk we still eat very healthy but I used to know down to the vitamins and minerals that were received with each and every meal to ensure that Hayden was getting all the nutrients needed for his growing body. And Hayden never almost NEVER received juice, I instead decided that fresh fruit would be better and to hydrate him with mostly water and milk juice was something special. But he is guzzling juice on a two sippy cup biased, he wants his juice, throws tantrums if he doesn't get it and I am thrown as to why I let it get that bad. Hayden is a junk nut, prior to the Holidays my house almost never saw junk (I was dieting at the time.) I didn't buy it at the store, I sometimes would snack a chocolate bar in the check out line, but no junk. Then it was Halloween, I slowly dished out pieces every so often on whim, on praise for doing this, until my pregnant sister came over and finished his off, but I think that planted the seed. He likes the junky stuff, he still doesn't get on a regularly but I still don't like him acting like a drug fiend ever time he sees candy. So in 2011, I'm bringing healthy back.

My Candy-Addicted Son *No worries no toddlers were harmed, he has lo-carb Monster energy drink with an open and closure top so he drank none. I got off but not that far off on health*

Be more of ME
What I mean by that is I'm a Mom first and far most, I'm a wife but I am also Mia. But I have a hard time realizing that and/or incorporating the two. I'm either all in or all out. Sometimes I feel as if I have multiple personality disorder. I invest soOOOO much into Hayden, Mia drops off the face of the Earth and Wifey gets shoved in a corner somewhere. Once Hayden's taken care of, I usually fit in pockets of time with cleaning - The NEVER ending job - if that is done and if Hayden allows it I may get in some me time, and almost never once David comes home. It's not that I change per se, it's just that Mom, wife, and Mia need different things. Hayden needs protection, love, attention without too much attention, discipline, teaching, guidance, someone to chase him, laugh at his shenanigans, clap for him, and most of all me, me, me, me. Mia is totally self-sufficient unlike Hayden, but requires a combo balance of Hayden (she misses him dearly when he is not around to the point sometimes she can't function), solitude to do purses that make her happy, some other human being to talk to sometimes, and only 3 hours of sleep, and the wife needs to be Martha-Freaking-Stewart mixed with a sassy modern-day MacGyver or maybe only in her wildest dreams. No, the wife is the easiest actually but it adds on more work! The wife connects with David whether its watching a movie he puts on, talking him into doing something he really doesn't like, or deciding a week is sufficient to be mad at him for forgetting your energy drink when he comes home. There has to be some connect and time for the Husband amidst everything else and there is unfortunately only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep for a few on them. But in 2011, it's all about me, me, me not really but I have decided to

Start a new hubby
One that is all for me. I have not decided what it will be yet because I really have interests all over the place but I'm hoping to buckle down and pick just one.

Get Hayden socialized Hayden is all alone with me all day, he doesn't usually play with other kids on a regularly. He has his cousins when David and I go see them and he does have a connection with my best friend's daughter, Autumn. I really want Hayden to get to know toddlers his own age, it will get us both out and maybe some playdates will happen. Hayden is not really shy anymore around kids, he Loves, loves kids, and will get right in there and try to play with anyone. It's part of his personality he is very friendly.

I am excited to be in a New Year but I just can't seem to get over that 2010 has left so quickly, now this time last year I really don't remember but from February on I do remember and it went so fast. I am hoping deep down and savior this year as this year Hayden will be 2, this age I hope to really have a nice time in that stage despite the looming legend: terrible 2's. Here's to the New Year 2011