Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potty training and speech

I am over the moon to say that Hayden is 50% potty trained. He will go up to the potty standing up like a big boy and pee if he has to go he'll just stand over the potty and go! I am beyond glad that potty training has been so easy because PT was one of the things that completely scared me to death. I didn't think I would be able to do it at all or that my child would be one of those children that took forever to train.
But so far so good. I will be making changes: bye bye disposable diapers! Not when we go out and not when he goes to bed. I'm all cloth, all the time. Yay!!! Hayden will be transferred slowly (slow being the key term here) into big boy underwear to drive home that he has to pee in the potty most of the time now, expect when he is napping or going places he'll be strapped in cloth.

For the last few days, Hayden has been a talking machine- surprising us so much with his extending vocabulary. He now is trying out two word sentences here and there and may a 3 word phase. Two days ago, the hubby went to my Mom's to drop off something, Hayden was with him. When it was time to go Hayden promptly told Daddy "I stay!" Daddy's eyes widened then he tried to tell him he needed to go to help him check the mail. "I stay here!" is all my toddler had to say as everyone in the room looked at one another. Go figure he loves Grandma's house! Yesterday he told Daddy "lay down" so he could race cars on his stomach. And he loves saying "got it" when playing ball. He will even babble on conversational like and then laugh, coo "ooo" before tumbling over in laughter. Speech I have so much fun with because it is amazing to me how much they pick simply by listening and you communicating with a toddler.


Little M and Baby G said...

1) go Hayden on the potty training front!
2) I can finally leave comments! I've been trying for a long time but it hasn't worked until now!
3) I love the new layout!

H and M B said...

I think I may had the comment settings wrong oops! So when I changed the layout I messed with the comment settings. And I am so glad that Potty training is almost over I'm hoping the #2 is close to being as easy teaching him to do #1.

jess; [the bottle chronicles] said...

Yay Hayden!!! I love conversations with a toddler :) my favourite Nolan sentence is when he says "where IS daaaaaaaaaddy?! {he always drags out "daddy", as if he has a southern drawl - its awesome lol}"