Monday, January 3, 2011

What's up Doc

Okay it's only two minutes until midnight so why I am up? Well over the Holidays Hayden started the sniffles, nothing to major, but by December 30th, he was hacking something awful. I gave him his inhaler (Hayden has a slight case of asthma) and that took care of it for the most part, especially at night when he was breathing and hacking so hard David and I heard him in our room. On Friday he started the bed theatics, he refused to not only go to bed, but to stay in his bed or go to sleep. For the last few nights, we have tried to keep him on scheldule and keep to him sleeping in his bed, in his room, but boy, oh, boy is it hard. A few nights he would finally go to sleep even if it was a little later than his bedtime of nine P.M. but he would wake spratically and stay up as if it is daytime. For two nights, I bite the bullet and put him to bed (David usually puts him to sleep now) by telling him that I was laying down in the bed with him. And now his nose is like a dripping faucet, the coughing is gone, and worst of all he won't even go to bed AT ALL without screaming as if the world is ending. So we are up,sticking it out yet we are at the end of our tier. I don't what to do when it comes to sleeping with this kid everything was fine, then this I want to say it's because he is sick but he may be entering the terrible two's early. He's been irritable, whining and crying if anything doesn't go his way, time-out is the main discipline method we use and he spends so much more time in there I'm not sure it is working. I am super tired and need to get up early tomorrow, but Hayden is miserible and can't sleep...I don't know what is wrong with him...maybe another trip to the doctor is in order, I really don't want to go but maybe I have to. only thing is I thought sick kids were supposed to be low in energy and sleepy. Hayden is so energetic, I decided to play
with him to tire him out.

playing with the light switch

He got a big kick out that

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