Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today the blur decided to go diaperless, recently this is not an uncommon thing, he hates disposables now and will only keep on his cloth ones so if he's conscious I usually put him on cloth now. But I wasn't the one doing the changes, Daddy was.
So I asked if he needed to pee he nodded and say "yes." I ran and got the potty, but was sure that we had missed it: in between getting the potty from the bathroom Hayden took a detour. He grabbed one of his toy balls, threw it to initiate catch, which I shot down, and told him potty time. He ignored blasting his way into the living room to play.
I sighed a "you will never be trained because I don't have the patience for this." Suddenly he closed the baby gate in the hallway, went to his potty, stood by it on the side then quickly went to the front...
Imagine how wide my eyes were when he peed in the potty...standing up! I couldn't believe it! I guess I have Daddy to thank for this!
On my quest to make sure Hayden understood that pee came from the body and you put it in the potty, I asked David to demonstrate a few times because he is much more visible. Hayden, of course, thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and quickly tried to do it, which I thought was going to make his training even more hard that he wanted to stand first thing.
Boy oh boy is he learning and growing...

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