Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alert! OMG

Headaches, nausea, sleeping all day, hungry all the time...OMG...I just realized that I could be having babino #2, sooner than expected.

I don't know if I'm with child at least not yet...
That would involve pregnancy tests and I am so not ready to go there.

but I do know that...

Hayden is changing in many ways that make my head spin. I really have to at least try to keep up. And one of the changes I'm beginning to notice is his fascination with cars and trucks are dwindling and his love for building is well...building. His mega blocks are not a toy that is littering my living room daily, his mega block dump truck is what has been crashing into my leg unexpectedly, and his soft blocks are what he rips his toy box apart for.

He can still be found zooming cars about on my couches or removing Me from said couch so that he can race his cars. Actually he is behind me right now making zooming sounds, singing softly as he races his cars around my unmade bed.

In this house Mega Blocks rule!

In other news, my entire house has been sick with one thing or another. First Hayden got the sniffles, which turned into an infection. While we set to work fighting that with antibiotics, his cold relapsed with a nasty cough that started choking him at night. EEEK! Between taking care of him, pumping him with his inhaler at night to help him breathe, David got struck with a sore throat. That left Mommy to take care of her boys only thing that soon backfired. I got sick mildly with a common cold, Yay, (yeah, right). That caused my insomniac ways to catch up on me, I slept and slept and slept. Or should I say I wanted to sleep. Toddlers don't exactly always allow that to happen. I would get up to care for Hayden then I would be down away as soon as I could; usually when David got home.

This went on until today (oh I did sleep today LOTS because the toddler was a very sleepy little guy) but today I was determined to get something done. My house was in shambles. So I took pain meds for the headache that seemed to haunt me and an hour later, it kicked in enough for me clean a little. But poor David, I was a mega B* all day. I ranted, I raved, I slept, I ranted and I raved. But I do have a good defense my head felt like a log that a woodsman hit with an axe, and I decided that sleep was so important that I didn't need to eat until my stomach was screaming "FOOD, woman, FOOD."

Later I totally filled up with water, that did help too eventually. I snuggled up with David as an "I"m sorry" for all of 0.0 seconds before Hayden woke up from his nap so I decided that we all could snuggle together.

Daddy getting my kisses


Anonymous said...

Well if you are preggers congratulations. My boys are 25 months apart which is great because I was getting baby fever while my big boy was getting bigger and bigger.

Rebecca Jackson said...

Your house sounds exactly like mine lately. I can't wait for winter to be over so all these yucky "bugs" go away and we can all breathe so much better. Hang in there...and keep us posted on bambino #2.