Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 28th...

On the 28Th of January I had a birthday!! Yay, PARTY!! Well, kinda but not really actually, it was a Friday and most of the world was at work so I spent it with my special little man, Hayden. I slept myself into an oblivion this day, nice I know, and surprisingly Hayden let me as if he knew that it was my special day.
I cooked him breakfast as usual, got him dressed same as usual, decided to get dressed myself. Then take a walk around with him when I opened the blinds and saw what a pretty day it was.
As soon as we got outside, I saw how much Hayden changed. He smiled big open smiles at everyone, so many people thought that he was so cute. He waved happily at our mail woman, smiling with both dimples eating away at his cheeks. As we took our walk he obediently held my hand, bouncing like Tigger along the way. He giggled "Hi" to almost every person we passed. Even decided to be a big boy, literally mocking me, and walking along side me, gazing up at me as if saying "Look, Mom, I'm walking just like you."
I usually can care a less about my birthday but this year, I loved it, it made appreciate my family and son so much. It slapped me right in the face that it is the little things in the day that made Motherhood so worth it.

I did have a party on Sunday. Fun stuff even it rained and overall was a sad, dreary day in which I had a stuffy nose and an headache that wouldn't go away. And I tried out a new recipe that I had never had before: Shepherd Pie. I loved it. As soon as my MIL gets me that recipe I will try to make it myself yummy. i stuffed myself stupid with dinner and doubled my efforts with homemade cake (I'm a lucky girl) and even though I will probably be working off the calories and fat for an entire week, I loved it! INDULGING

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Happy Birthday