Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rooms are made for cleaning, and that's just what I'll do

Hayden's birthday is fast approaching (in only 3 months now) but I am having it way early around the end of April- beginning of May to accommodate his Great Grandma coming to visit. This will be her first time meeting Hayden and I am so excited that I wanted her here to experience his b-day. Meaning I have even less time to book a location, plan a party, do invites, and much more when I am already swarmed with responsibilities. (Adding more to the ever growing to do list). One of the many things I have been meaning to do is go into Hayden's overstocked room and toss some of his toys. This child of mine has so many toys it is crazy, he just about plays with only a quarter of them and to think he will be getting them by the truck load come his birthday, they really needed to be thrown.
I buckled down and told myself:
Subconcious :"Mia, this will be the last week with Hayden's room having so many unused toys. "
Mia: "But I'm tired..."
"SO! I'm tired of his room being overcrowded with toys that you can donate!"
"But some are from infancy, maybe I will have another kid that can play with them."
"AH! When you go back to school for a career then we will talk other kids, but for now we can't carry all these toys. Now TOSS!!"
"No buts, only work and results. Now 'git.' "
And David and I tackled the forest that is Hayden's room.

Prior to our early spring cleaning, Hayden's room had been thrashed. I'm talking hurricane status. The how and why I'm not exactly sure but it was horrible.

See this messy room

Hayden is used to getting his room cleaned as he helps Daddy clean it every night before bed. And I totally LOVE this age, hehe. We told him we were "cleaning" his room in case he threw a fit from h#!L to save his toys. But he was cool about it. He took to "cleaning" very well helping put some toys in my donation bag (a bag trash bag), helping Daddy organize the room that Mommy wrecked even more, and putting his trash in the trash. It was very fun for him...

He played with some of his untouched toys

He Climbed like crazy, whether it was onto his stepping stool to just to jump off again or from his stool to his buzz ride on and back up again (he made a really fun (for him) but scary (for mommy) game out of this.

Out of like thirty minutes of cleaning, tossing away toys (it is amazing how many toys a child can get from infancy to their 2nd year), reorganizing, and straightening up we did it - we did it- we did it!

A clean room! That is not as crowded

Now for his closet...

A Mother's work is never done, but I can put it off until at least next week, can't I? And God help me once I get the courage and strength to redo my room, probably around Easter if I can put it off that long.

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Anonymous said...

Well at least his toys are contained in his room. Here at my house all the toys seem to be in the family room. I'm always tripping over something.