Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 9: Something you're proud of in the past few days

This little baby here...

I recently went off the deep end and purchased a DSlR Camera and I'm way glad I did. I love this thing soooo much, I'm impressed with every little thing it does.

I was never too much one for pictures unlike most of my family who take more pictures on a daily basis taken models. I ran and hide every time I saw any recording device. It was not for me. I even hide away from the camera in pregnancy, not keeping up with my weekly belly shots.Still, I was often taken by photographers photos time and time again. especially portraits and nature photography. But everything changed once Hayden was born all that changed. I often found myself stealing my Grandma's camera to snap pictures of Hayden. In August for David's birthday he got a camera for his birthday, which I quickly took over. I become a total obsessed Mommy snapping millions of pictures every second of the day. I was never without it, I was always behind a camera snapping pictures, capturing the moment. I nearly died when October 2011 came around and I couldn't find my camera I panicked, lasting only a week before I had to replace it. I just couldn't live without one. I literally was saddened without my camera, plus it was time for an upgrade because as I took more pictures I realized things I didn't like about it, so an upgrade was in order. That is when I got my Canon Powershot 1400, which I highly recommend. For those in Auto mode,it gives really clear good pictures. And it fit me until I delve deeper into photography and starting learning aperture, ISO, and many other nifty stuff that affects pictures that I don't want to burden you with. While many things on that camera is adjustable you can't change the aperture or shutter speed major draw back for me. So I started looking for a good DSLR and googling best beginner DSLR cameras and reading thousands of reviews and recommends, I narrowed it down to the Canon Rebel T1i or the Nikon D5000. And the Canon won out because of the variety in it.
Since I love editing photos, I also got Photoshop Elements 7, which if I become any good at, will be upgrading to that latest one. I do have plans to check out some more editing software. Recommendations are very much welcome. Any who, I am very proud of my camera and finally I have a hobby! Yay! Even though its not candle making, which I haven't forgotten about I still really want to get good at it, I am happy that I got another hobby this year. One New Years Resolution down.

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