Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Be Continued...

Yes, I am totally alive! I got my first DSLR on Monday, and I just love it to pieces. It is as great as all outside. She has quickly become my baby (cuddles camera obsessively) my precious, my precious,(Hayden walks in) oh, yeah, and then there's you. I have named her Bella because she will be as brainwashed, obedient, and in love with me to the point of always giving her best just like Bella Swan. JK. TEE-HEE! But don't expect my super nice camera pictures to be posted, I am having computer problems, which I really hate. My DVD Ram has decided to be a little witch, poking a thorn in my side and not read the install disc that comes w/ the camera. No install disc, no camera pictures. :( so plz, ppl I am alive and well. Hayden is still as energetic as ever. And helpfully, I can get this thing working so that I don't chuck it under a semi.
Times like this I wish I am computer geek extraordinaire

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