Monday, February 14, 2011

30 DBG Day 1: Recent Picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I took this picture yesterday randomly as I'm trying really hard to take more pictures of myself and more pictures in general.

I am really getting into photography and I am falling deeply in love with not only taking pictures but editing them as well. Which leads me to...

15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I have always wanted to do photography with my BFF for years now but have always put it off. Following many blogs about photography struck up my lust for it even more and once I noticed that over 25% of my computer's hard drive was taken by pictures of Hayden, I thought why not try?

2. Would be a total oxymoron to say on a post about interesting about me that I am not interesting at all? In my eyes I am a total bore. I read, I care for my son the best way I know how trying not to drive myself crazy in the process, I write, I dream, I clean, I try to avoid rest as much as I can.

3. And that is where number 3 comes in at. I hate sleep. Why much we need so much sleep? I am 200% plus jealous of Hayden's energy! I want so bad just to go days on end without sleep and not feel tired. Because I love to go over 150 mph sleep is not on my radar, not even a blip. It is not uncommon for me to kick myself for staying up late and having to get up in like 3 hours.

4. I love to be busy. I am a multi tasker by nature. I have to be doing a million and one things to be satisfied. I am a total renaissance woman! And yes, I do them well.

5.Because I like things perfect. I am a bit of a perfectionist. I have to be the perfect parent, wife, blogger, writer, reader whatever. If it isn't perfect I am giving myself a good talking to. But since becoming a mom I am less hard on myself, so happy about that, but still it sometimes creeps up into my mind.

6.I love knowledge. Whoever said knowledge is power is wonderful! I love reading on so many different subjects, researching on random things, and just gaining knowledge in just about anything and everything that strikes me as interesting. I think my love of knowledge comes from my curious nature. I love to investigate, see how things work and what makes them work and why.

7. I LOVE CREATIVE ARTS. I draw, I paint, play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums, dance, write, and now I am getting into photography. I love crafts.

8. I never wanted to be married nor have kids. By no meaning was my marriage or Hayden an accident. My marriage story is so weird even to me but funny. David proposed twice, I said no the first time, he came back later and proposed again, for which I said yes as long as we didn't have a big wedding. (I thought it would be stupid to save so much money on a wedding when we could spend that money on a new car, which we needed, or the savings for a house) And yes at the age of 20, I thought about these things. I set no date and randomly one day woke up and asked do you want to get married today. And four years later, I am still just as random and think too much.
My want for a child came once I saw my cousin birth her baby. It looked so painful, she looked so helpless. I thought there had to be a better way and started reading on childbirth. My search for a better way lead me to natural childbirth, which I instantly felt a connection to, I later started reading on infants and sooner or later I really, really wanted one.

9. I am a tomboy. *GASP!* I always have been even though I grew up in a household full of girls (4 girls including My mom, sisters, and I) and one brother. I never played with my sisters though. And my brother and I were so close people thought we were twins. We are 11 months apart.I don't know why but I loved getting dirty. I played baseball, I was even on my high school football team, skateboarded, climbed trees, the works. I remember hanging out with mostly boys in high school, half of my friends in life have been boys. I just got along better with boys (probably why I always wanted a son.)

10.I am nothing LIKE the Mom, I thought I would be. HMMM. It kills me sometimes, it causes lots of Mommy guilt, but I am more laid back then I thought I would be. Hayden and I have a very loose schedule. He plays most of the day, I try to play with him at least twice a day, I love reading to him, and just recently he will sit still long enough again to finish an entire book. When he gets older I want to do many crafts with him, teach him to skateboard, and play an instrument. And he so far is totally into these things. But even though I don't watch as much tv as I'd like (the free time I have is taken by reading my #1 love) and that rubbed off on Hayden. I have been trying to get him more into tv, yes, that's right! I don't think that tv is the enemy I think parents who think that tv is a substitute from them teaching their kids are the enemy. When he does watch tv, I usually am surprised at all that is taught (and there are many education tv shows for toddlers) I love walking into the living room, watching it with him and going over things. Or even the look on his face when he reads about Elmo and knows that Elmo is on tv. A video of Elmo got Hayden to pee pee in the potty. So parents stop punishing yourselves!

11.I love nature. I find so much beauty in the trees, lakes, everything that is outside around, sometimes the beauty in this Earth takes my breath away. Living in the city, I love parks, especially lush ones with many trees and lakes. I could laid down in a forest and never leave. It is like home to me. For my honeymoon, my husband and I went to Yosmite National forest and I loved it. We hiked, I wish I could go hiking more. I wish Hayden will take my love of nature with him

12. I am a former vegetarian. One day soon, I will go back. And no I don't hate people who eat meat. You don't know how many times I have been asked that.

13. I am addicted to Twitter

14. I love guys with long hair. Go figure that I marry a guy who loves to have as little hair on his head as possible.

15. I hate old numbers if I see an old number I quickly look around for another odd number to add multiple or whatever I can do to make that number even. I love even numbers because I feel like with an even number if you share everyone can have the same amount. I don't know why just weird.

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You sound like a very interesting person. We have a lot in common. Can't wait to learn more about you.