Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 10: Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

I love music so it is hard just to narrow all it down and just say oh its this and this or this. It is affected by mood, artist, lyrics, and whats happening at the time. So I'm going to narrow it down to what I listened to last time I was in those moods.

Happy: Bruno Mars "Grenade" and Emilie Autumn "Gothic Lolita"

Sad: Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" and "The weary Kind" from the soundtrack of Crazy Heart or Emilie Autumn's violin version of Bach's Largo(Hayden loves this song)

Bored: Green Day "Blood, Sex, and Booze" and Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" or Emilie Autumn's "Liar" Hayden loves Lady Gaga and Emilie Autumn, loving to dance off of their music but for some reason Lady Gaga always holds a place in his heart. Bad Romance I used to play at Christmas in '09, a year and so months later he still recognizes the song and will come dancing. Creepy and cool at the same thing, considering that during Christmas of '09 he was only six months old.

Hyped: The Pretty Reckless "ADD" or Some Sonic Youth

Mad: Evanescence remake of Korn's "Thoughtless"

I have added some more...

Calm: As much I love my music hard, I must say I actually a sucker for slow songs. Mainly because in music, I love lyrics, artists who are good lyricist are always good in my book. I can hate the song but listen to it over and over again just for good lyrics. So I play must music when I'm calm. Which I love Indie Rock alot right now. King's of Leon, Modest Mouse, Radiohead, Iron & Wine, so many.

Thinking/Reading: I love listening to classical music when I'm thinking, It is so emotional and puts you right the story or in with your emotions.

In the Car: The radio is usually on in the car I hate having to disconnect my MP3 every time I leave the car. I love country music in the car, something my husband got me into. Great stuff once you give it a try. Also, more mainstream music and hits. I am liking black and yellow (I really hated this song for MONTHS!) and whatever else is on the billboard charts that makes radio.

Last I love oldies. Don't get me started on all the oldies I love I can go back pretty far. LOL

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