Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Right

Pictures! The other day I finally got around to getting my photos transferred unto the computer. I slowly messed around with Photoshop Elements 7, experimenting with lighting and color the most. I wish I could do a before and after but there is no point because the following pictures I originally took without a flash and the camera on drive, so the pictures were EXTREMELY dark. I just liked them so much I tried to save them. I am glad that I was about to do some color on them and fix some of the lighting (not all the pictures I could) but these I really liked the way the turned out so far. I just think that I could do way more with them, I just don't know how, such as softening, better warming on some. I'm learning but I'm sure I will get there. Another drawback, I was disappointed about was the noise that is in the picture. It is pretty grainy, but overall I like them.

These 3 pictures are the same I just did different things with them and couldn't decide which I liked better.

This picture is more natural with tone and lightening

This one is very light and pale

I liked the orange-ish glow of his skin in this one and how warm it is

I would some feedback, comments are not only welcome but encouraged. What's your favorite? Got any tips or recommends? Do share?

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