Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 5: Picture of somewhere you've been to

Srry, I have no pictures of me there I went when I was like 19 with my ex BF but it was the greatest thing besides my time with David in Yosmite(Need to go back there ASAP with Hayden)

I have been to a few places, I love to travel, I would travel the entire us and the world if I had the time and Benjamin's for it. So I choose the furtherest I have ever been: Nashville, Tennessee. I loved this place. I loved the architecture, the history that is in the buildings, houses, they still even have plantations standings here. So much richness to explore. P.S I am a huge history buff. I love anything old. I tell this is from my Grandma, I was raised by her and I have a great appreciation for antiques, vintage clothing- Anything of the past. She is from the south. Born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Texas. She even still has her accent, and because of her accent, I, along with my siblings say some words with a southern accent. And have weird sayings like "You think fat meat ain't greasy" (My husband hates when I say that) LOL

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