Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 12: How did you find out about blogger and why do you have one?

Okay,yes I skipped Day 11, literally. Total blogger fail. I don't have any new pictures of my besties, srry. I don't even have old ones. I really don't like pictures, I don't have many with my family either. Not even when I was growing up. I think I have taken only 2 pictures with my sisters. Ever. And probably have even less growing up. I really avoided pictures, so now you see why I'm really trying to take more of myself and me with Hayden. I have about 5 pictures of Hayden and I together out of the entire 21 months of his life. Yes, piddly.

So on with the show.

I found out about Blogger at I joined a blogger group in hopes of starting my own blog. Why? Mainly because I wanted a journal, I have always had a personal journal, still do. I had started a journal dedicated solely to fertility, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. I still have and write in it. I just thought that if I made an internet journal I would keep up with writing in it better, and maybe meet some more people like me. I started one, and major fail. I never wrote in it.
It all started with the author Richelle Mead, I fell in love with her Vampire Academy series: and soon after going to her website, I found her blog and became a reader. Her blog is at livejournal, which is where I post my poetry mostly now. (Plan on giving you a link soon promise) But I started my own. I wrote on and off. At first it was cool and fun, then when Hayden was born I sorta just stopped being interested.
I checked out blogger again after signing up for a google account and reading the author PC Cast's blog and the author Jessica Verday, and found Radar Love. I instantly fell for this little boy. What cuteness I thought. And was shocked at how regularly she posted. I started to follow her and soon started up writing in mine and so many months later here we are!

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