Friday, October 22, 2010

Good News...Bad News

So you guys want the good news or the bad news?

Okay, let's start out with the good stuff - who wants to be greeted first thing with bad news?

My order of Flip Cloth diapers will be arriving today, I am excited as in the following weeks, Hayden will be slowly be a full time cloth diapered baby! I love him with the fluff on his butt, he looks awesome! Yep, even though some HATED the Flip, I quickly fell in love. At first I was going to only do pockets when my sister was like why when I like the flip and I don't have to change the entire diaper all the time. I was like good thinking and I have decided to build a stash of Fuzzibunz (going to order a 6pk soon), BumGenius (On its way!), and Flip diapers. I am also going to try out the Softbums OMNI, it seems really cool and you can check out it's review at and Nicki's Best Bottom Diapers, which I have only been able to find at it's website .

Now the bad news: I can't take any pictures of my little man sporting these super cute diapers because I can't seem to remember what I did with my camera. I know, sad day in the Boyles household, I love taking pictures of Hayden. I have looked everywhere for that thing, even accused Hayden of hiding it, but still it has not been found nor seen since Monday. Our family trip to the pumpkin patch was postponed until today to find it and to no avail, no camera! ARRRH!!! I am pissed, I had pictures of Hayden at the Children's Museum of the Sierra on there that I really wanted to share with everyone. But I will keep looking. I will leave you guys with one picture though of Hayden at the pumpkin patch today, taken by the photographer there.

I know...cute, huh? (Sigh...) I am totally in love.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Play Dough

Earlier this week I finally got around to making homemade play dough. I took the recipe from Morgan @ Our Little Birds . At first I wasn't so sure about having Hayden "help" then I just thought who cares if he get messy I can clean him up and at the worst he would get my kitchen dirty.
This was our first real project together and he did surprisingly good.

He helped me pour all the ingredients in...

Without wasting too much of it...

He even helped stir

He actually did most of the stirring...

But when it was done, I realized that I did not know what to do with play dough


So we invited over my sister to help

She got down to it with making some weird things geared for Halloween.

But Hayden, I think, liked the process of making it more than playing with it

Oh, well, more crafts for later. But this little project made me realize that I have a crafty little fellow growing and that it would be cool to let him join in on somethings. Which made me double back to The Peanut Blog to a large structure called The Learning Tower. I first see this thing there and thought wow that is cool and left it at that. But this week it popped up again on the same blog and I started looking at where I could get one. But The Learning Tower packs a hefty price selling at 200 dollars. I am debating big at whether or not to throw down the big ones for this. I mean, I definitely see the possibilities of this tower and it is set to last for a very long time. So my question to everyone who has one or who has had one, do you think the Learning Tower is worth it?

Oct. 15th

Today is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness day and I can't help but think back to my best friend's first pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, it was the first time I had been smacked with the fact that pregnancy is such a fragile thing. Then on the hills on my bf losing her pregnancy, my sister became pregnant and she too lost her child. I am not the mother of those babies, but I know I think of them all the time, I remember them as if they were here, so I can only imagine what the parents must feel.
But it also makes me realize how blessed I am to have a little guy to wake up to, to kiss, snuggle and hug. Even when he is being a brat, he just smiles his little smile - "The David smirk" - and I am all jelly.
I know I spoil Hayden and that I can be a major pushover - And I get major flack for it too - but I am all too well aware that Hayden will most likely be my only child. At 23 I already have fibroid, which is why it took FOREVER to conceive Hayden, so the idea of my fertility being off at such a young age the idea that I will even have any fertility later is small. Everyday I see him growing and growing doing something new or something different, it's becoming so rapid I just want to pause time, find a way to take it all in and still enjoy this part and that part.
Even so, I see my blessing. Today I will light a candle for all of those who have loved and loss, today is your day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow...Just wow

After finally settling into a wonderful sleep routine with my lovely little boy, I decided it was time for Hayden not only to sleep in his own bed, but in his own bed all by himself not next to ours. And fall asleep in it... I know he is really big now and I should done that a LONG time ago, but I enjoyed co-sleeping. Well, until he got bigger and started taking over my bed. Anywho, I also didn't do it because I know how stubborn Hayden is and how he would take it. Today was my first time trying this, I knew he would protest, I knew he would not like it, I knew he'd get over it and fall asleep. But what I didn't know was that if he was going to not have his way, he would drag me down (or try) kicking and screaming.
Hayden screamed - Not cried, not whined - But full blown, my mommy is murdering me, screamed; he kicked; he thrashed; he slapped me in the face I don't know how many times; KICKED me full force in the nose; and God only remembers what for an hour before I relented to change his diaper. As soon I let him up, he was my sweet little boy again. I was so shocked at the change in him until he started whining again because of course HE WAS SLEEP DEPRIVED! So I told myself to gussy up and put him down, I'm the parent he is the child, and I needed to show him with patient and persistence how to fall asleep in his own bed. As soon as his head hit his pillow he started howling again. I was tired of hearing him scream and also wondering if HE would go to sleep, still I went on. An hour later, his eyes suddenly dipped closed -I mean abruptly, one second he was screaming, then he was falling asleep - and opened slightly and finally he was out.
He fell asleep, he is napping as I write this I'm just not sure I can do this for however long it takes for him to get used to this and/or however long it takes him to self sooth himself back to sleep in the night.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NOT so Wordless Wednesday

I am a avid reader. It is one of my biggest passions and even in pregnancy I wanted reading to be a big part of Hayden's life too. I read to him starting in December of 2008 while I was pregnant, the first story I ever read my unborn baby was local library copy of "The Grinch that stole Christmas." Laughing out loud, I seriously enjoyed that book and read it to him over and over. This too was his first book I read to him after he was born. I remember snuggling into my room with Hayden, reading to him softly when the nurse came in, shocked and overjoyed that I was starting to read to him so early.
This continued throughout infancy, coupled with lots of soft music and lullabies. Hayden will give me books he was read to him or go get a book off his new "HIS BOOKS ONLY" shelf, sitting to "read." Hayden is an energetic, smiley fireball, so the sight of him sitting to read to himself just takes me so another realm. Reading, playing with his toy cars, and a few other toys are the only thing he will do that for.
It is so overpowering when I think of how natural his love for reading is. I chalk it down as another thing he got from me, along with my curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

He is growing up so fast! *Sigh*