Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow...Just wow

After finally settling into a wonderful sleep routine with my lovely little boy, I decided it was time for Hayden not only to sleep in his own bed, but in his own bed all by himself not next to ours. And fall asleep in it... I know he is really big now and I should done that a LONG time ago, but I enjoyed co-sleeping. Well, until he got bigger and started taking over my bed. Anywho, I also didn't do it because I know how stubborn Hayden is and how he would take it. Today was my first time trying this, I knew he would protest, I knew he would not like it, I knew he'd get over it and fall asleep. But what I didn't know was that if he was going to not have his way, he would drag me down (or try) kicking and screaming.
Hayden screamed - Not cried, not whined - But full blown, my mommy is murdering me, screamed; he kicked; he thrashed; he slapped me in the face I don't know how many times; KICKED me full force in the nose; and God only remembers what for an hour before I relented to change his diaper. As soon I let him up, he was my sweet little boy again. I was so shocked at the change in him until he started whining again because of course HE WAS SLEEP DEPRIVED! So I told myself to gussy up and put him down, I'm the parent he is the child, and I needed to show him with patient and persistence how to fall asleep in his own bed. As soon as his head hit his pillow he started howling again. I was tired of hearing him scream and also wondering if HE would go to sleep, still I went on. An hour later, his eyes suddenly dipped closed -I mean abruptly, one second he was screaming, then he was falling asleep - and opened slightly and finally he was out.
He fell asleep, he is napping as I write this I'm just not sure I can do this for however long it takes for him to get used to this and/or however long it takes him to self sooth himself back to sleep in the night.

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Becky said...

You are braver than I! Good luck!