Friday, October 15, 2010

Play Dough

Earlier this week I finally got around to making homemade play dough. I took the recipe from Morgan @ Our Little Birds . At first I wasn't so sure about having Hayden "help" then I just thought who cares if he get messy I can clean him up and at the worst he would get my kitchen dirty.
This was our first real project together and he did surprisingly good.

He helped me pour all the ingredients in...

Without wasting too much of it...

He even helped stir

He actually did most of the stirring...

But when it was done, I realized that I did not know what to do with play dough


So we invited over my sister to help

She got down to it with making some weird things geared for Halloween.

But Hayden, I think, liked the process of making it more than playing with it

Oh, well, more crafts for later. But this little project made me realize that I have a crafty little fellow growing and that it would be cool to let him join in on somethings. Which made me double back to The Peanut Blog to a large structure called The Learning Tower. I first see this thing there and thought wow that is cool and left it at that. But this week it popped up again on the same blog and I started looking at where I could get one. But The Learning Tower packs a hefty price selling at 200 dollars. I am debating big at whether or not to throw down the big ones for this. I mean, I definitely see the possibilities of this tower and it is set to last for a very long time. So my question to everyone who has one or who has had one, do you think the Learning Tower is worth it?

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Little M and Baby G said...

I loved mine, until Greyson realized he can move it around and get into even more trouble :)

I found ours on Craig's List for $40.00. I don't think I'd pay full price - but that is just me.

Hayden looks so cute in his bright green diaper. I think that we will have to pull out the play-dough recipe again, you've re-inspired me!