Sunday, May 6, 2012

Starting Now

The other day I read a blog post by Jess at on sometimes wanting to quit everything she is doing because of self consciousness. It hit home so much it has inspired me to be as truthful and honest.
Yes, I left blogging for awhile and it was because I needed a break- a release from pressure of always comparing myself to everyone in the blogosphere. Like, Jess I understand looking at others who so much better at doing the same thing you are and comparing. I am into art, illustration, design, photography, digital art. I am a newbie at most except art and photography - been doing photography for a year now and art I have been drawing since I was young. With those skills I really am trying to do design, digital art and illustration. There ate so many people out there that are so good at what they do, it is intimidating as it is inspiring. I know what I want to create when it comes to my creative work but it is hard starting out, working your way up until you are that good. I know I want it now! We all start as a beginner or not at the best but who wouldn't want to bust out doing just as you envision. And seeing people are great at it just makes you self-conscious.
Because of my self consciousness I have not even post some of my designs, illustrations and other stuff. I know it has to stop and I am going to try with now.
It is not all bad, I love blogging, reading other blogs, chatting and getting to know other bloggers. From blogging, it has made me go further in photography. I love it but it has to do with starting now.