Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Last...

Today is the last day of September and I can't help but feel a little sad...Another month gone in this year- In fact there are only two months left in 2010 once October hits and I am feeling out of sorts that with the end of 2010 I am saying bye bye to the majority of Hayden's second year. Sure, I am blessed to have five more months of my little boy being 1, and I'm looking very forward to it. But I can't help but by this time next year I will have a 2 year old, and how much I am anxious and itching for the holidays to celebrate with my independent little man. I can't wait to see how he interacts with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and seeing 100% how much he has evolved from just last year and wondering how much he will evolve in the year to come.
I can honestly say that this coming Halloween will be his first "real" Halloween. Last Halloween he was only 4 Months old and slept through most of the action. He did have a costume but all his candy was eaten by either David or me. We didn't even go trick or treating we received candy from the family that we visited that night who wanted to see him in his costume.
Thanksgiving was simply emotional for us as we were thank for our baby boy and his health, especially with that first few shaky months (Hayden spent his first Month in the hospital.) And for that I always support Children's Hospital, they saved my little guy's life. At this age, Hayden was not eating solids, (heck, even at Christmas he was not even entirely on solids) thus he was simply there taking in all the ravenous people.
Another thing that hit home with September is that two years ago I found out I was pregnant with Hayden. Yes, it doesn't seem like two years since the beginning of my journey into Motherhood, but alas it definitely has been.
And even with Hayden growing like a weed (I have only 1 year and 8 months until he goes to Preschool.), I love, love, LOVE being a Mom. Even when I have to fix Hayden a 15-30 Minute meal in the name of healthy nutrition, even when he is screaming his head off all day for some unknown reason, even when he follows me around all over the house just to be with me, or not liking grocery carts and forcing me to hold him the entire trip to the store- HE'S MINE! And I'm his, I love my little man.

p.s. I hate pictures of me but this one is too nice not to share...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eco-Monday errr...Tuesday

Today, err, I mean Monday was a really bad day for me, I had a MAJOR headache that persisted on haunting me throughout the day. I took Tylenol for it to no avail, I took Ibuprofen for it and still nothing. I even had to have my Mom take care of Hayden while I rested, which still didn't help.
The good news is though I did get a few Eco-friendly stuff done this weekend- And when I say a few I mean like one or two. So I didn't do much, but I did do something. I ended up recycling loads of plastics and aluminum cans on Saturday morning, followed by a donation of books at the Good Will store. Recycling was good and it also hit home as to how many bottles and cans we consume, we have like 4 33 gallon bags filled with them. I definitely wish to cut down on that consumption, its an unhealthy one at that.
Next up on my list to do is volunteering at my local "Just between Friends" consignment sell and picking up Hayden a few clothes there too in my effort to reuse and to save a few extra dollars.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Milestone!

With Hayden turning sixteen months, I was beginning to bite my nails about him not knowing more than one of his body parts, which is foot. By 18 Months a child should at least know 1 so he meets that, but I thought that he would know way more by now.
After randomly showing him his nose and his tongue, we were getting nowhere... until tonight's bath.
Tonight Hayden learned something new...
While I was washing his hair, he began to mimic washing his own hair (a first) and I told him "hair", touching my own. I finished washing his hair, testing him to see if he would touch it again. And he did! Clapping like a moron -I'm sure Hayden was proud though - I tested him again. This time he touched his hair and my own! So now he has two body parts that he knows I just need to work on a few more with him though, along with some animal sounds. (He already knows dog, of course, and tiger.)

16 Months!

Hayden turned 16 months yesterday!

One year ago he was 4 months old, I remember that time vividly because it is what I often call "The time Hayden came alive." By that time he could roll front and back (though he was never much for rolling); he would try to bat at toys; while on his stomach he could airplane; and he even started cruising on his belly to get to toys out of his reach!

Hayden at 4 Months

This is Hayden now...


Hayden as far as I know is 24lbs and 34 inches. He wears a size 12 months in clothing but I do buy a size up as cloth diapers are a bit bulker than disposable, which puts him at above 95 percentile for height but the 25-30 percentile for his weight.

Gross Motor Skills
Hayden is super fast! Man, does this boy have super leg muscles. Hayden can run at the speed of lightening. And besides spinning in circles, he enjoys trying to jump. Yes, my 16 month old is trying to jump up and down, even though he does not have the muscles for it yet. But he does have hulk like strength when it comes to pulling up onto my counter tops to grab at whatever is up there.

Fine Motor Skills
Hayden's fine motor skills are developing slowly but surely. He is pretty good with a pencil or crayon when it comes to scribbling, same with picking up tiny things on the floor because he does have a pincer grasp. But he seems to be having a hard time conquering the spoon and fork. Tonight at dinner, he did feed himself with a spoon and got much of it into his mouth. He can turn book pages great, so I'm not worried, I am sure he will get it down in his own time.

Social and Language
Hayden loves for children to come visit. He will copy them and play with them for hours. He gets sooooo hyper though when guests are over or when he meets a new friend (which he often does wherever we go) Hayden has always surprised me with his language development: I am beyond well aware that girls typically best boys in the language area of development, Hayden has held his own: he knew more than 16 words by 15 months. And while I know he has regressed a little bit, he has added 3 new words to his vocabulary this week. He can say "sit" or "seat" (he prounces it like a very naughty word though), "out" and "get"

My little guy has lots of personality. I grade him with a A- in personality area, only reason he gets an A- is because sometimes he is quite the little stinker doodle and I couldn't be more proud! Hayden is a very happy, curious fellow, who loves cars, books, and jumping off my coffee table onto my couch. He is also quite a daredevil. If its climbable he's climbing it; if its high, he's jumping off of it; if it goes fast, he has to get on it.

Above all he is tot that is in love with his Mommy and one of his top things to do is play some kind of game with me even if there are no rules. As long as he has Mommy's attention, nothing else matters!


I should be in bed getting my zzz's but I did want to post this real quickly. Last night was night two of what I will be calling sleep guidance from now on. Hayden knows what the words "sleep" and "lay down" means, so I told him to lay down we are going to sleep, it's bedtime. He lays down when I tell him, that is the easy part. The hard part is getting him to stay laying down. Last night I did have to tell him it was bed time over and over and lay him down a few times, especially once he realized that I was not going to let him up or he wasn't to be breastfed. That is when he started protesting a little but within 10-15 minutes he was out.
Tonight we did the same routine: bath, reading, lights out, and bed. I did change around the times he takes naps to fit his needs better, though. And tonight worked out perfectly I got him to bed within my goal time frame, kept him on schedule with his naps too, and tonight he passed out within 12 minutes after he laid down. So far, so good. I just hope that this helps him sleep better and get the hours of sleep that he needs.
PS- it is way easier than I thought, especially after that first night and I think that Hayden is enjoying the new routine better: following his bath and me dressing him, I was in the doorway of the bedroom telling David that I was going to put him to bed and Hayden started blowing Daddy kisses then closed the bedroom door. I put him on the bed and he laid down without me saying anything.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sleep Training Night 1

Okay, our sleep arrangements with Hayden went south once again. Breastfeeding him to sleep worked one day then not the next and after a couple of nights with my 15 month old son staying up until 1:00am like a teenager, made me repent on thinking he was too young for sleep training. I guess I thought that Hayden would grow out of being put to sleep and then do himself and from there he would go into his own room and bed.
I love to breastfeed, I love to cuddle Hayden to sleep as if he is still that tiny 7lb baby that I brought home. I never in a million years thought I would have to sleep train, I really never gave it much thought. What I did know was that I would breastfeed, that I would co-sleep, to beware of sleep trainers, to let Hayden tell me when he would was ready to stop nursing...but after seeing him literally beat his head on my living room floor because he was so sleepy that he could no longer stand it, I knew I had to some kind of action.
Hayden still loves to breastfeed and I'm not taking it away from him, I just don't want him going to sleep nursing if it's not going to put him to sleep when he needs it. I think if he knows how to lay down and put himself to sleep he will be less anxious about sleep. I feel such like the WORST MOTHER that ever walked on this Earth. Because I have to take full responsibility for letting his sleep get this far out of hand when he depends on me. I am the one who led him to breastfeeding to sleep, at six months all I had to do was lay in the bed next to him and he'd fall asleep. I should have kept it like that, but with his decrease in nursing I thought that he should be put on the breast at night to keep my supply up and his weight (he wasn't fully on baby food yet.) I was DEAD WRONG! And I feel that Hayden is paying the piper for it. When I tell him no he can't nurse to sleep he has full blown fits, I'm talking instant tear works, screaming at the top of his lungs, pulling at my shirt, hitting me. He is so offended that he can't nurse.
Today a started a sleep log to see how much sleep Hayden gets, this will also spill into sleep training to make sure he is getting an adequate amount of sleep every day and night.
Tonight I put him to bed, telling him that I would be near and that he'd have to fall asleep on his own. Hayden doesn't like laying down, so after I laid him down once the tears and screaming started. I simply repeatedly laid him down every time he got up, I did not leave the room as to keep him down every thing he got up. He cried for about 10 minutes that seemed like hours, quieting down eventually to listen to the light music I was playing in the background (as an infant he loved going to sleep with music, especially Jewel.)And within minutes of quieting down, he was knocked out.
I don't mind him still being in my room but he has to be in his bed because he is such a wild sleeper I don't get any sleep with him in my bed. So he has to go into his bed. He is still too young to be in his own room, but I do plan on taking that step when he is two. Well, that is all for now, and after so major tear works on my side for my baby having to cry to sleep, I may be fine, even if a little drained.

New Season, New Changes

With the start of Autumn quickly on my heels, I have set out to make some major changes. Autumn's official date to begin is the 23rd of September and I already see the changes of the season happening all around me. The tree above my patio leaves' started to turn earlier this month. Today I went outside to find some leaves already falling onto my patio much to my excitement and dismay. I am extremely, EXTREMELY excited to see Autumn coming in, but with that tree over my patio that means another half a year of picking up leaves (dry and wet) from my patio. Not fun to say the least. But an added plus to the season is an excuse for me to go shopping for some super cute winter clothes for my ever so often growing boy.
And within those changes, I wish to so something Eco-friendly once a week in my effort to do my part in keeping Mother Earth nice, and to teach my son,Hayden, to do the same. Thus, every Monday write a post of what Eco-friendly thing I did the week prior, entitled "Eco Monday."
As I've stated in my last few posts, I really wanted to do some major house cleaning and rid my house of things I'm not using. And this week I finally did it (well, kinda.) I went through only my living room closet, that was packed full of books, antiques, and various papers and so forth. Still I got a lot done: from that closet alone I got a box filled with books that will be donated, lots of papers to recycle and another box documents that got shredded. The antiques were sorted through and I did find some that I wished to keep and others that were to be too donated. Even with only tackling one closet, I feel so elated and happy that I got some things in my very overcrowded house gone.
The end results: The books that I got rid of made space for me to pack up books that were on a bookshelf of mine and give it to Hayden for his ever growing book collection. Also giving my many books a new lease on life and to be one day ready by another buyer. If the thought that doesn't make me smile, nothing else...well, besides Hayden.

In my own little way

I am trying to get the hang of meal planning, I've been doing it now for about two months. I have been doing good with the cooking at home thing and by following my plans, a few days does escape me, such as my Tuesday lapse in memory and forgetting to soak beans overnight. Yup, good one, Mia. Or my laziness of not cooking dinner because (usually) Hayden has given me a run for my money and David having to take over. All in all there is always some day in the weekly meal plan that escapes me! The goal is to get a week in where we follow the plan exactly, no variations, with life being so unpredictable it's hard to be disciplined. Thus, I have decided to take two steps back in order to take steps forward, and do 3 day meal plans or 4 day.
As part of me limiting our spending this month, I am going to try to make as many meals as possible with what currently is in our pantry and fridge and not having to go out and buy anything until we are down to nothing. No, really, some of the stuff in my pantry really needs to be cooked and gotten over with, it's really old. Thank goodness for the life span of pantry items.

So here's the plan Monday, September 20th

Breakfast: Bananas and strawberries w/ yogurt

Lunch: Toasted sandwich on whole wheat bread

Dinner: Brussel sprouts, side salad, pork chops

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whimsical me!

Along with my goal of maintaining my weight, I need to devise a workout plan and stick to it. My health depends on it. A recent trip to the doctor for myself reveled that I have elevated levels of cholesterol. While it's not high enough to be put on medication for, it is something to watch and get lower.
Another important thing right now for me is being way more eco-friendly, I realized that I am a hoarder and a pack rat with way too much stuff, mostly books, papers, and notebooks (I love to read and write). But if I'm not reading the book and/or using it, it needs to go. As motivation I am telling myself with most of my stuff gone, it will be easier to clean! I am reading so many books on being eco-friendly right now, so I will try to keep you updated on how everything is going.

Best Friends

Hayden has a few toddlers his age that he LOVES to play with...

He enjoys his cousin Haylee, who is only six weeks older than him

He enjoys my best friend's daughter, Autumn, who is three months older than him

These toddlers seem to be able to handle Hayden's energy and rough and tumble nature. They fight over toys together, laugh pearls of laughter reserved for only other toddlers, they even jump from my coffee table to my couch together

But who seems to be getting most of Hayden's attention these days is...

a little...



Nope, not an alien

but Scout!

Recently, Scout died,as in he needed new batteries, so I picked up batteries during my last excursion at Wal-Mart. When Scout first stopped working I told Hayden that he needed surgery. Hayden loves Scout so much that even when he wasn't working Hayden still played with him, pushing him in his Buzz Lightyear push toy and dishing out kisses and hugs. So I preceded to change Scouts batteries, but Hayden would not have his precious go under the knife, I mean screwdriver. As soon as Hayden saw me with Scout on my lap he snatched him up and held him for dear life. Trying to take Scout back, I told Hayden that I was going to fix him. Hayden hung onto Scout, fighting tooth and nail. I had to trick Hayden by grabbing the new pack of batteries and putting them close on the bar where Hayden could see them(he loves batteries). Quickly, I unscrewed Scout, which got Hayden's attention, and replaced the batteries. Once the battery cover was off the knowledge that Scout had a place to keep batteries held Hayden's attention until Scout came alive saying "Hi, Hayden." Then Hayden snatched him back up with a huge smile on his face. And he hasn't stop pressing Scout since. I think I am going to have to invest in rechargeable batteries just for my son's green best friend.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

He's Back!

After a rough few weeks with Hayden loving to defy my every word, a test of wills, and going to sleep whenever he felt like it and how he felt like it, I've finally feel as if I got my little boy back!
He is smiling way more, less tantrums, and way more on the listening front. He actually (sometimes) listens to me! OMG!! I am having an easy time now changing his diapers and getting him not to touch things that are off limits. I love this as I feel like I can spend more time playing, feeding, and being with him better rather than always having to tell him that he can't touch this or that.
Also, I have given into the baby gate. I put up in my hallway to block Hayden from the living room but still giving him access to his room and my room, which where all the important things are: Toys and Mommy!

And thanks to Daddy, Hayden has a new word and a new activity. These videos were taken just before a trip to the grocery store (hence the disposable diaper) and after a nap he is so lively and lovely following a nap.

Notice how big he looks in the videos he looks like a preschooler already, he is growing too fast.

Feeling Confident In September

My meal plans have gone south for that last three weeks! Meaning my diet has also gone out the window, I am too ashamed to even step on the scale afraid of what it will read: maybe "Err" isn't too far fetched. Last night we had pizza but I am slowing awaking from my haze to see that meal plans ARE GOOD, fast food and pizza bad. I'm pretty confident that with some well planned meals and good healthy food back on the list and on the table, I will get back to my goal and maintaining.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


My Son would put Seattle to shame...

The Toddler That Never Sleeps

After a measly cat nap he awoke refreshed

And ready to inflict mayhem onto his drowsy parents

Luckily Daddy was energized enough to take him outside to burn off some of that energy while I got some housework done

It's a shame how much I love this kid

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toddlers must be SUPER human!

Hayden ia a toddler. he is 15 months old meaning (in dating terms) that I've "known" him for over a year and three months. If this was a relationship (as in bf and gf) we'd be to the point of being comfortable with one another and nothing would surprise me. Right? Wrong.
Hayden loves getting dressed. Getting dressed in his mind means we're leaving. He enjoys putting his arms through sleeves, holding my shoulders while he balances myself for me to put his pants on, and putting his feet out for shoes. This is followed by him heading for the door with a smile, waving bye-bye. Today while at my Moms I was trying to make a quick escape, I slipped on my shoes, which Hayden noticed, immediately he jetted toward the door, smiling, waving bye to my mom. I was trying of course to leave him with my Mom to go to the bank, and after finally tricking him in order to escape it hit me.
Toddlers use these routines, these cues to remember things. Toddlers must be super human to pay attention to every little detail. These cues are how Hayden knows to run from me when I spot him with something he isn't supposed to have, its why when he is sleepy he climbs into my lap to nurse. They pay attention to EVERYTHING, taking it in for later.
This puts so much pressure on me: I realize I am a big person in his life!! I think of this when I clap for him, smiling and encouraging, and he does whatever it is again! How he will even do bad things to get me to pay attention to him. Maybe that is the key to parenting, simply paying attention when they need it most. Or maybe it is only wishful thinking from a Mom of a toddler who is entering in the terrible twos at 15 Months! But whenever I have reached my end, I look at his face having a meltdown (even as I write this) and realize all he needs is me...To be understand and respond.

TTFN, Going to have a lunch with Hayden

XoXo, Mia and Hayden