Sunday, September 12, 2010

He's Back!

After a rough few weeks with Hayden loving to defy my every word, a test of wills, and going to sleep whenever he felt like it and how he felt like it, I've finally feel as if I got my little boy back!
He is smiling way more, less tantrums, and way more on the listening front. He actually (sometimes) listens to me! OMG!! I am having an easy time now changing his diapers and getting him not to touch things that are off limits. I love this as I feel like I can spend more time playing, feeding, and being with him better rather than always having to tell him that he can't touch this or that.
Also, I have given into the baby gate. I put up in my hallway to block Hayden from the living room but still giving him access to his room and my room, which where all the important things are: Toys and Mommy!

And thanks to Daddy, Hayden has a new word and a new activity. These videos were taken just before a trip to the grocery store (hence the disposable diaper) and after a nap he is so lively and lovely following a nap.

Notice how big he looks in the videos he looks like a preschooler already, he is growing too fast.

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