Thursday, September 23, 2010


I should be in bed getting my zzz's but I did want to post this real quickly. Last night was night two of what I will be calling sleep guidance from now on. Hayden knows what the words "sleep" and "lay down" means, so I told him to lay down we are going to sleep, it's bedtime. He lays down when I tell him, that is the easy part. The hard part is getting him to stay laying down. Last night I did have to tell him it was bed time over and over and lay him down a few times, especially once he realized that I was not going to let him up or he wasn't to be breastfed. That is when he started protesting a little but within 10-15 minutes he was out.
Tonight we did the same routine: bath, reading, lights out, and bed. I did change around the times he takes naps to fit his needs better, though. And tonight worked out perfectly I got him to bed within my goal time frame, kept him on schedule with his naps too, and tonight he passed out within 12 minutes after he laid down. So far, so good. I just hope that this helps him sleep better and get the hours of sleep that he needs.
PS- it is way easier than I thought, especially after that first night and I think that Hayden is enjoying the new routine better: following his bath and me dressing him, I was in the doorway of the bedroom telling David that I was going to put him to bed and Hayden started blowing Daddy kisses then closed the bedroom door. I put him on the bed and he laid down without me saying anything.

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