Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Milestone!

With Hayden turning sixteen months, I was beginning to bite my nails about him not knowing more than one of his body parts, which is foot. By 18 Months a child should at least know 1 so he meets that, but I thought that he would know way more by now.
After randomly showing him his nose and his tongue, we were getting nowhere... until tonight's bath.
Tonight Hayden learned something new...
While I was washing his hair, he began to mimic washing his own hair (a first) and I told him "hair", touching my own. I finished washing his hair, testing him to see if he would touch it again. And he did! Clapping like a moron -I'm sure Hayden was proud though - I tested him again. This time he touched his hair and my own! So now he has two body parts that he knows I just need to work on a few more with him though, along with some animal sounds. (He already knows dog, of course, and tiger.)

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