Monday, September 20, 2010

In my own little way

I am trying to get the hang of meal planning, I've been doing it now for about two months. I have been doing good with the cooking at home thing and by following my plans, a few days does escape me, such as my Tuesday lapse in memory and forgetting to soak beans overnight. Yup, good one, Mia. Or my laziness of not cooking dinner because (usually) Hayden has given me a run for my money and David having to take over. All in all there is always some day in the weekly meal plan that escapes me! The goal is to get a week in where we follow the plan exactly, no variations, with life being so unpredictable it's hard to be disciplined. Thus, I have decided to take two steps back in order to take steps forward, and do 3 day meal plans or 4 day.
As part of me limiting our spending this month, I am going to try to make as many meals as possible with what currently is in our pantry and fridge and not having to go out and buy anything until we are down to nothing. No, really, some of the stuff in my pantry really needs to be cooked and gotten over with, it's really old. Thank goodness for the life span of pantry items.

So here's the plan Monday, September 20th

Breakfast: Bananas and strawberries w/ yogurt

Lunch: Toasted sandwich on whole wheat bread

Dinner: Brussel sprouts, side salad, pork chops

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