Monday, September 20, 2010

New Season, New Changes

With the start of Autumn quickly on my heels, I have set out to make some major changes. Autumn's official date to begin is the 23rd of September and I already see the changes of the season happening all around me. The tree above my patio leaves' started to turn earlier this month. Today I went outside to find some leaves already falling onto my patio much to my excitement and dismay. I am extremely, EXTREMELY excited to see Autumn coming in, but with that tree over my patio that means another half a year of picking up leaves (dry and wet) from my patio. Not fun to say the least. But an added plus to the season is an excuse for me to go shopping for some super cute winter clothes for my ever so often growing boy.
And within those changes, I wish to so something Eco-friendly once a week in my effort to do my part in keeping Mother Earth nice, and to teach my son,Hayden, to do the same. Thus, every Monday write a post of what Eco-friendly thing I did the week prior, entitled "Eco Monday."
As I've stated in my last few posts, I really wanted to do some major house cleaning and rid my house of things I'm not using. And this week I finally did it (well, kinda.) I went through only my living room closet, that was packed full of books, antiques, and various papers and so forth. Still I got a lot done: from that closet alone I got a box filled with books that will be donated, lots of papers to recycle and another box documents that got shredded. The antiques were sorted through and I did find some that I wished to keep and others that were to be too donated. Even with only tackling one closet, I feel so elated and happy that I got some things in my very overcrowded house gone.
The end results: The books that I got rid of made space for me to pack up books that were on a bookshelf of mine and give it to Hayden for his ever growing book collection. Also giving my many books a new lease on life and to be one day ready by another buyer. If the thought that doesn't make me smile, nothing else...well, besides Hayden.

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