Thursday, September 23, 2010

16 Months!

Hayden turned 16 months yesterday!

One year ago he was 4 months old, I remember that time vividly because it is what I often call "The time Hayden came alive." By that time he could roll front and back (though he was never much for rolling); he would try to bat at toys; while on his stomach he could airplane; and he even started cruising on his belly to get to toys out of his reach!

Hayden at 4 Months

This is Hayden now...


Hayden as far as I know is 24lbs and 34 inches. He wears a size 12 months in clothing but I do buy a size up as cloth diapers are a bit bulker than disposable, which puts him at above 95 percentile for height but the 25-30 percentile for his weight.

Gross Motor Skills
Hayden is super fast! Man, does this boy have super leg muscles. Hayden can run at the speed of lightening. And besides spinning in circles, he enjoys trying to jump. Yes, my 16 month old is trying to jump up and down, even though he does not have the muscles for it yet. But he does have hulk like strength when it comes to pulling up onto my counter tops to grab at whatever is up there.

Fine Motor Skills
Hayden's fine motor skills are developing slowly but surely. He is pretty good with a pencil or crayon when it comes to scribbling, same with picking up tiny things on the floor because he does have a pincer grasp. But he seems to be having a hard time conquering the spoon and fork. Tonight at dinner, he did feed himself with a spoon and got much of it into his mouth. He can turn book pages great, so I'm not worried, I am sure he will get it down in his own time.

Social and Language
Hayden loves for children to come visit. He will copy them and play with them for hours. He gets sooooo hyper though when guests are over or when he meets a new friend (which he often does wherever we go) Hayden has always surprised me with his language development: I am beyond well aware that girls typically best boys in the language area of development, Hayden has held his own: he knew more than 16 words by 15 months. And while I know he has regressed a little bit, he has added 3 new words to his vocabulary this week. He can say "sit" or "seat" (he prounces it like a very naughty word though), "out" and "get"

My little guy has lots of personality. I grade him with a A- in personality area, only reason he gets an A- is because sometimes he is quite the little stinker doodle and I couldn't be more proud! Hayden is a very happy, curious fellow, who loves cars, books, and jumping off my coffee table onto my couch. He is also quite a daredevil. If its climbable he's climbing it; if its high, he's jumping off of it; if it goes fast, he has to get on it.

Above all he is tot that is in love with his Mommy and one of his top things to do is play some kind of game with me even if there are no rules. As long as he has Mommy's attention, nothing else matters!

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