Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Last...

Today is the last day of September and I can't help but feel a little sad...Another month gone in this year- In fact there are only two months left in 2010 once October hits and I am feeling out of sorts that with the end of 2010 I am saying bye bye to the majority of Hayden's second year. Sure, I am blessed to have five more months of my little boy being 1, and I'm looking very forward to it. But I can't help but by this time next year I will have a 2 year old, and how much I am anxious and itching for the holidays to celebrate with my independent little man. I can't wait to see how he interacts with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and seeing 100% how much he has evolved from just last year and wondering how much he will evolve in the year to come.
I can honestly say that this coming Halloween will be his first "real" Halloween. Last Halloween he was only 4 Months old and slept through most of the action. He did have a costume but all his candy was eaten by either David or me. We didn't even go trick or treating we received candy from the family that we visited that night who wanted to see him in his costume.
Thanksgiving was simply emotional for us as we were thank for our baby boy and his health, especially with that first few shaky months (Hayden spent his first Month in the hospital.) And for that I always support Children's Hospital, they saved my little guy's life. At this age, Hayden was not eating solids, (heck, even at Christmas he was not even entirely on solids) thus he was simply there taking in all the ravenous people.
Another thing that hit home with September is that two years ago I found out I was pregnant with Hayden. Yes, it doesn't seem like two years since the beginning of my journey into Motherhood, but alas it definitely has been.
And even with Hayden growing like a weed (I have only 1 year and 8 months until he goes to Preschool.), I love, love, LOVE being a Mom. Even when I have to fix Hayden a 15-30 Minute meal in the name of healthy nutrition, even when he is screaming his head off all day for some unknown reason, even when he follows me around all over the house just to be with me, or not liking grocery carts and forcing me to hold him the entire trip to the store- HE'S MINE! And I'm his, I love my little man.

p.s. I hate pictures of me but this one is too nice not to share...

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Anonymous said...

He's adorable, and that's a nice picture of you too.