Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NOT so Wordless Wednesday

I am a avid reader. It is one of my biggest passions and even in pregnancy I wanted reading to be a big part of Hayden's life too. I read to him starting in December of 2008 while I was pregnant, the first story I ever read my unborn baby was local library copy of "The Grinch that stole Christmas." Laughing out loud, I seriously enjoyed that book and read it to him over and over. This too was his first book I read to him after he was born. I remember snuggling into my room with Hayden, reading to him softly when the nurse came in, shocked and overjoyed that I was starting to read to him so early.
This continued throughout infancy, coupled with lots of soft music and lullabies. Hayden will give me books he was read to him or go get a book off his new "HIS BOOKS ONLY" shelf, sitting to "read." Hayden is an energetic, smiley fireball, so the sight of him sitting to read to himself just takes me so another realm. Reading, playing with his toy cars, and a few other toys are the only thing he will do that for.
It is so overpowering when I think of how natural his love for reading is. I chalk it down as another thing he got from me, along with my curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

He is growing up so fast! *Sigh*

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Anonymous said...

So cute. Reading to our kids early is great. Keep it up.