Friday, October 22, 2010

Good News...Bad News

So you guys want the good news or the bad news?

Okay, let's start out with the good stuff - who wants to be greeted first thing with bad news?

My order of Flip Cloth diapers will be arriving today, I am excited as in the following weeks, Hayden will be slowly be a full time cloth diapered baby! I love him with the fluff on his butt, he looks awesome! Yep, even though some HATED the Flip, I quickly fell in love. At first I was going to only do pockets when my sister was like why when I like the flip and I don't have to change the entire diaper all the time. I was like good thinking and I have decided to build a stash of Fuzzibunz (going to order a 6pk soon), BumGenius (On its way!), and Flip diapers. I am also going to try out the Softbums OMNI, it seems really cool and you can check out it's review at and Nicki's Best Bottom Diapers, which I have only been able to find at it's website .

Now the bad news: I can't take any pictures of my little man sporting these super cute diapers because I can't seem to remember what I did with my camera. I know, sad day in the Boyles household, I love taking pictures of Hayden. I have looked everywhere for that thing, even accused Hayden of hiding it, but still it has not been found nor seen since Monday. Our family trip to the pumpkin patch was postponed until today to find it and to no avail, no camera! ARRRH!!! I am pissed, I had pictures of Hayden at the Children's Museum of the Sierra on there that I really wanted to share with everyone. But I will keep looking. I will leave you guys with one picture though of Hayden at the pumpkin patch today, taken by the photographer there.

I know...cute, huh? (Sigh...) I am totally in love.

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