Monday, November 1, 2010

Happpy, Happy Halloween

This Halloween I had so many plans for and was very excited about! I knew that Hayden would be more involved and have a little bit of fun, even though he had no idea what was going on (He didn't even know what candy was when it was offered to him). With Halloween slowly becoming the pass, I can say this has been the best Halloween of my life.

We started out the day by going to visit my husband's parents for a late lunch, following a failed attempt at baking - I didn't have all the ingredients and didn't feel like tackling the Holiday crowds in the store.

Before we ate he decided to play everyone a little bit of music

"I need some help here"

Before he decided to play a duet with his cousin

Following a messy spagetti lunch, we changed our little guy into his costume...

He's a little Motocross racer, of course!!

And the cutest one ever!

He even got onto Grandpa's real bike! Whoa, baby!

Then we went "trunk-a-treating" going from trunk to trunk at a local church getting candy, which was very fun but all Hayden wanted to do was dance...

And he was zonked out before we even hit the freeway home

And with two bowls filled with candy...

And a smile like these...

I think that Hayden feels like he had very good time too

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!

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