Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad things come in Small (cute) Packages

Hayden recently turned 18 Months and I definately know that difference! Now nothing is safe from toddler hands, nothing is too high for him to climb and nothing can be hidden.

He has known how to open the fridge for months now but only recently has he started getting into it. A few days ago, he raided the fridge for some juice and tried to grab the bottle from the top shelf and it clunked him in the head. He only scratched his head and looked mighty confused for a little while, but it left a scratch by his nose:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

(And as you can see he got his juice)

I locked the little tike in his room, safely behind his baby gate when I hear "cling, cling, cling!" And I know it is bad and what do I find? My toddler trying to figure out how to open the baby gate.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

As you can see in exhibit F, he pushed his "vehicles" upto the gate to stand on. And that is not the topper! He does this to any and every thing. If something is taken from him and put up high he is going to get it. He'll either climb up on something, manuvearing himself onto things to get to it or push one of his quads up against something to reach it.
He does this method to turn on and off light switches. He climbs the counter tops to get to the microwave, he'll climb my jewel case to get to the top of my 5 dresser drawer, he is being such a big boy: investigating everything and wanting to do things himself. Today I changed his diaper and he wanted to wipe himself, then he got up put his dirty wipe in the diaper, folded up his diaper and throw it into his diaper bag before laying down again for me to put on his diaper. I was shocked. Then he tried to snap himself into his Fuzzibunz.
He frequently takes off his socks and shoes just to put them on again. Yup, he now can put on is shoes with about a 40% success rate, the failed attempts often lead to very high pitched fussing for me to correct what he is doing wrong. And he is now trying to put on his socks. He can take his diaper off and also put on a coat by himself.

He is growing up so fast and becoming so big and BAD to be so small.

Hayden playing with his car and "talking" on the phone

This is Hayden exactly 1 month ago


Caught red handed with my filter

He has lost much of his babyish looks now and he is bent on driving me bananas! He is such a stinkpot! ...And a cute one at that

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