Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things are a changing...Pt 2

On Friday, Hayden quickly jetted to the piano and started "playing"

He did the same thing the day before and he quickly became known as the "piano man"

In deep thought following his concert

This little guy is the eldest cousin, Frankie. I literally thought that he rolled out of bed and didn't do his hair, but it is spiked.

The little ones decorating the tree, Hayden tried to put on a few, but the time with the tree was sadly short lived as the little ones tried to take all that were already on off

Then Hayden lost interest in the tree and started chasing Frankie

A diaper change and the signal that the food would be ready in 15 to 20 minutes started to change Hayden into some less nice clothes so that he could eat without messing up his clothes

Halfway through me changing him, he got up and starting the "chase" He looked like Tom Cruise in "Risky Busines"

He was having so much fun that he turned into a demon

An exhausted demon

"Feed me!"

"water, water!"

Family Picture!

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