Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things are a changing... Pt 1

Lately I have been putting off getting Hayden a booster seat and taking him out of the highchair. He eats well enough (sometimes) to be at the table with us and I have noticed he tends to chow down way more when others are around him eating too. Thus out with the old!
I have no clue as to what is out there in the booster world, so I am asking for any suggestions on brands and on products.

Also with Hayden being older now I think it may be time for him to return to Little Gym. He loves kids and has so much fun running around playing with them, but he doesn't get that very often, I think the idea of getting him out and socializing will be a good thing.

This year as well as last year, I had two Thanksgivings! Yup, jealous much? Well don't be it is not as cool as you may think. It is exhausting to go one day to a Thankgiving dinner, sleep, wake and do it all over again with another family. Okay, David's family decided to do everything on the 26th of November, Friday, so that both of the their kids (David and his Sister, Mandie) could visit in-laws. So Thursday, we went to my family's house, we did though visit to put up X-Mas lights at David's parents.

On Thanksgiving I got a few pictures just none at my families house sadly.

Hayden was very sleepy because of the HORRIBLE night he put us through prior to Thanksgiving (Hint: I hit the sack about 3:00am) and a major pain on the way to the In-Laws house

So we gave him some juice

And his contentment lasted seconds...

As he decided to not drink the juice and instead take the straw out and put it back in, which the latter he couldn't do which lead to meltdowns in the car if I didn't respond in time to him wanting me to replace the straw.

David doing some driving. His parents live in the countryside of Fresno so it's a long drive, filled with farm land.

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