Tuesday, November 23, 2010

18 Months

I have noticed something- Err or more like someone has been missing from Hayden's blog lately...


He turned the big 1.8. Months on the 22nd of this month, and I am over the moon with emotion. He is so much closer to two now, and has changed so much!

We got some new stats on the little guy too!

He is 26lbs now and 33 3/4 inches long. His weight always suprises me because Hayden looks so much like a toothpick. He sadly never even had those cute fat rolls most babies have. But I have given up on trying to fatten him up, he's a skinny kid people deal!

At his last doctors appointment we went through some milestones to see if Hayden was on track, and here is the recap thus far:

He is an awesome climber, way too awesome, especially for Mommy's heart. He loves, loves, LOVES to climb! Nothing now is out of his reach, there is no place too high for my little dare devil. If he wants he's climbing to get it!

He has started not only jumping in place now, but it has evolved into jumping off my bed, Daddy's recliner in the living room, the couch and the coffee table...and he does this not into my arms, no that would be too safe, too sane, and wouldn't scare me enough, instead he wants to see if he can land on his feet. And does he, not even, which scares me even more because Hayden will do it again and again trying to perfect it and get it right. But the time he is 2 I will have so much grey hair.

He now also had figured out that the light switch controls the lights in the house and now has made that into his toy. He frequently gets upon his stool or any other object that will boost his height (lots of the time its a toy, yikes!) and "FLICK" the light is off. "Hayden, turn the light on." Giggles delightfully, "FLICK." He turns it on, "Thank you." "FLICK." *SIGH*

In the language area, Hayden is doing real good. He is starting to string the little words he knows into sentences. And is becoming real good at mimicing. I stopped teaching him sign language because he was catching onto saying words so fast.

And Hayden likes to laugh and joke! He thinks everything is funny! He wakes up playing with me, trying to get me to laugh and smile. He has always been so happy.

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