Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad things come in Small (cute) Packages

Hayden recently turned 18 Months and I definately know that difference! Now nothing is safe from toddler hands, nothing is too high for him to climb and nothing can be hidden.

He has known how to open the fridge for months now but only recently has he started getting into it. A few days ago, he raided the fridge for some juice and tried to grab the bottle from the top shelf and it clunked him in the head. He only scratched his head and looked mighty confused for a little while, but it left a scratch by his nose:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

(And as you can see he got his juice)

I locked the little tike in his room, safely behind his baby gate when I hear "cling, cling, cling!" And I know it is bad and what do I find? My toddler trying to figure out how to open the baby gate.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

As you can see in exhibit F, he pushed his "vehicles" upto the gate to stand on. And that is not the topper! He does this to any and every thing. If something is taken from him and put up high he is going to get it. He'll either climb up on something, manuvearing himself onto things to get to it or push one of his quads up against something to reach it.
He does this method to turn on and off light switches. He climbs the counter tops to get to the microwave, he'll climb my jewel case to get to the top of my 5 dresser drawer, he is being such a big boy: investigating everything and wanting to do things himself. Today I changed his diaper and he wanted to wipe himself, then he got up put his dirty wipe in the diaper, folded up his diaper and throw it into his diaper bag before laying down again for me to put on his diaper. I was shocked. Then he tried to snap himself into his Fuzzibunz.
He frequently takes off his socks and shoes just to put them on again. Yup, he now can put on is shoes with about a 40% success rate, the failed attempts often lead to very high pitched fussing for me to correct what he is doing wrong. And he is now trying to put on his socks. He can take his diaper off and also put on a coat by himself.

He is growing up so fast and becoming so big and BAD to be so small.

Hayden playing with his car and "talking" on the phone

This is Hayden exactly 1 month ago


Caught red handed with my filter

He has lost much of his babyish looks now and he is bent on driving me bananas! He is such a stinkpot! ...And a cute one at that

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things are a changing...Pt 2

On Friday, Hayden quickly jetted to the piano and started "playing"

He did the same thing the day before and he quickly became known as the "piano man"

In deep thought following his concert

This little guy is the eldest cousin, Frankie. I literally thought that he rolled out of bed and didn't do his hair, but it is spiked.

The little ones decorating the tree, Hayden tried to put on a few, but the time with the tree was sadly short lived as the little ones tried to take all that were already on off

Then Hayden lost interest in the tree and started chasing Frankie

A diaper change and the signal that the food would be ready in 15 to 20 minutes started to change Hayden into some less nice clothes so that he could eat without messing up his clothes

Halfway through me changing him, he got up and starting the "chase" He looked like Tom Cruise in "Risky Busines"

He was having so much fun that he turned into a demon

An exhausted demon

"Feed me!"

"water, water!"

Family Picture!

Things are a changing... Pt 1

Lately I have been putting off getting Hayden a booster seat and taking him out of the highchair. He eats well enough (sometimes) to be at the table with us and I have noticed he tends to chow down way more when others are around him eating too. Thus out with the old!
I have no clue as to what is out there in the booster world, so I am asking for any suggestions on brands and on products.

Also with Hayden being older now I think it may be time for him to return to Little Gym. He loves kids and has so much fun running around playing with them, but he doesn't get that very often, I think the idea of getting him out and socializing will be a good thing.

This year as well as last year, I had two Thanksgivings! Yup, jealous much? Well don't be it is not as cool as you may think. It is exhausting to go one day to a Thankgiving dinner, sleep, wake and do it all over again with another family. Okay, David's family decided to do everything on the 26th of November, Friday, so that both of the their kids (David and his Sister, Mandie) could visit in-laws. So Thursday, we went to my family's house, we did though visit to put up X-Mas lights at David's parents.

On Thanksgiving I got a few pictures just none at my families house sadly.

Hayden was very sleepy because of the HORRIBLE night he put us through prior to Thanksgiving (Hint: I hit the sack about 3:00am) and a major pain on the way to the In-Laws house

So we gave him some juice

And his contentment lasted seconds...

As he decided to not drink the juice and instead take the straw out and put it back in, which the latter he couldn't do which lead to meltdowns in the car if I didn't respond in time to him wanting me to replace the straw.

David doing some driving. His parents live in the countryside of Fresno so it's a long drive, filled with farm land.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!

Wait, I think I got a few holidays mixed up in that saying...well you know what I mean. I have a few pictures from Thanksgiving 2010 to post but for now a post on what I'm thankful for:

my health and well being

my thurst for knowledge

my passion for reading

everyday life and the small things I appreciate and the smaller things that I never seem to have enough time for

yesterday and how ever many tomorrows I am blessed with

being blessed and lucky enough to able to stay home with my son

my husband our many years in marriage and however many there are to come

my husband's parents. I love the family I married into so, so much! They are great people. I know so many people who don't get along with their in laws so I know first hand how lucky I am

But most all, the blessings that trump all blessings, the best thing I have to be thankful for is the one thing I can't measure in luck or even a million "thank you's"

Yup I'm sure you guessed it


I am beyond satisfied to have him. Sometimes I can't believe that I have a son, let alone a son as cool and as close to me as Hayden. He is the moon, stars, the sun, the planets even he is everything to me! No words can express the thoughts that I have when I think of the fact that David and I have been entrusted with such a grand responsibility. We are the ones in Hayden's life to nuture, love, teach, help him grow to be a fine gentlemen and let him be all that he can be. Weird. But totally thankful.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

18 Months

I have noticed something- Err or more like someone has been missing from Hayden's blog lately...


He turned the big 1.8. Months on the 22nd of this month, and I am over the moon with emotion. He is so much closer to two now, and has changed so much!

We got some new stats on the little guy too!

He is 26lbs now and 33 3/4 inches long. His weight always suprises me because Hayden looks so much like a toothpick. He sadly never even had those cute fat rolls most babies have. But I have given up on trying to fatten him up, he's a skinny kid people deal!

At his last doctors appointment we went through some milestones to see if Hayden was on track, and here is the recap thus far:

He is an awesome climber, way too awesome, especially for Mommy's heart. He loves, loves, LOVES to climb! Nothing now is out of his reach, there is no place too high for my little dare devil. If he wants he's climbing to get it!

He has started not only jumping in place now, but it has evolved into jumping off my bed, Daddy's recliner in the living room, the couch and the coffee table...and he does this not into my arms, no that would be too safe, too sane, and wouldn't scare me enough, instead he wants to see if he can land on his feet. And does he, not even, which scares me even more because Hayden will do it again and again trying to perfect it and get it right. But the time he is 2 I will have so much grey hair.

He now also had figured out that the light switch controls the lights in the house and now has made that into his toy. He frequently gets upon his stool or any other object that will boost his height (lots of the time its a toy, yikes!) and "FLICK" the light is off. "Hayden, turn the light on." Giggles delightfully, "FLICK." He turns it on, "Thank you." "FLICK." *SIGH*

In the language area, Hayden is doing real good. He is starting to string the little words he knows into sentences. And is becoming real good at mimicing. I stopped teaching him sign language because he was catching onto saying words so fast.

And Hayden likes to laugh and joke! He thinks everything is funny! He wakes up playing with me, trying to get me to laugh and smile. He has always been so happy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Child Care

Lately I have been considering putting Hayden in day care for some socialization and also because I am thinking about finding a job that is not at home. Mostly my grandma or sister watches him when I have sometime to do, but I just don't feel right leaving him on them for 8 hours, 5 days a week. I got a card for a daycare and thought it was pretty cheap when I saw the card saying 7.50 an hour. Then I started thinking, silently calculating what it would be for a month. My mouth dropped when I realized how much it would be a month. I have heard from many family members and friends the numbers they pay out for daycare: my aunt, who only has one child, was paying 900 every month; another friend was talking about how she was paying 800 a month for each of her kids, she has two. I thought maybe these people were overdoing it. I mean, why would child care be that high when people know that for many women child care is a must and making it affordable would be commonsense. But at 7.50 an hour for 8 hours is 60 dollars a day, 600 dollars for 10 days, there's 30 days in the average months so that is 1800 a month! And that doesn't include a meal, each meal is 3.75. I was "wow." 1800 is a lot of people's entire paycheck and you're paying that in child care, why work? Okay, say a person makes 3600 half of their paycheck is going entirely on childcare! Ridiculous!
Okay, I know the whole two person income thing, but think of how many single mom's are out there too. But even with a two person income it makes little sense to pay so much in childcare alone. I even checked out another day care and while cheaper, it still blow my mind that it was still in the thousands every month. For that daycare it was 215 for 5 days for a child Hayden's age, that is a total of 430 for 10 days, and 1290 for the month. Not including the 20 dollar administration fee and the 20 dollar co agency fee they charge every month. Oh, yeah did I forget to mention that that was a discounted rate! And these prices are for only one child, to enroll a sibling there is a slight discount but not by much.
So I am calling all working mommies, how much do you pay in child care? And all stay at home moms/ work at home moms, how much are you saving in child care? I want to know are these prices normal or is it just Fresno, California? I know that there will probably be a little difference in price because California is probably the most expensive state besides New York. But come on! That is some high prices when you realize that the average person in Fresno, Ca makes 34,000 a year. That is only 2800 a month and 1400 every 2 weeks. Of course, some make more, but still others probably make less (California is also the state that has a big welfare population). Out of all the money that is put into welfare for the entire USA Calfornia takes 30% of it. Big percentage of it, huh, considering we are only 1 state and some states are bigger than us.
Is going to work really a good decision, when I have to pay so much in child care?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Business of Being Born

I recently watched the video Business of Being Born, I had watched this wonderful documentary on America's birthing system over and over again during pregnancy: it was my muse in many aspects. I am hoping on passing this video to my sister, who is currently pregnant with her first child. Watching this over again after so long I expected to be extremely overtaken with baby lust again, especially with Hayden growing up, and while it does make me just a little nudge on the idea of having a 2nd child, I am still holding steady on waiting.
I love, love, LOVE mid wives, natural labor without drugs, positive birth experiences (I even find myself reading on natural birth stories). I did and didn't go natural though with my birth with Hayden, I never thought too much about it and was happy until recently when I decided that I may never have another child.

What I never got...
I never to be one of those pregnant women who were in Target or sitting on the couch eating bon bons and suddenly their water broke. Now I am not naive and know that it surely doesn't happen just as that but you get the picture.

I never got to be one of those women who had a midwife

I never got my water birth

What My Labor was like...

In the Business of being Born it is told that hospitals have a snow ball effect of you get one intervention such as an epidural, which slows labor than come pitocin to speed up the labor they slowed, next comes a c - section to save the labor that epidural caused to stop and the pitocin caused to distress the baby leads to many interventions. But I must say my experience with doctors and birthing in a hospital was different. First let me say that I originally planned a birth center water birth. Fresno, ca has no birth centers though, which lead to me considering a home birth. I finally caved on a home birth just to be stopped by the fact that Fresno has little to no mid-wives. Then the following week that I was supposed to meet with my mid wife to see if we mesh, I went into preterm labor and at every ultrasound I was greeted with the fact that my fibroid keep growing when usually they stop growing in pregnancy. So I decided to birth in a hospital with some very natural birth friendly doctors. I quickly fell in love with my OB/GYNs Dr. Thomas and Dr. Dhiami. I still love, love, love those guys.
But by the end of pregnancy, I wanted my baby I didn't care about waiting just holding my baby. I tried to read on natural labor to put me on track again, I just wanted my Hayden. So I went to my regular appointment at 40 weeks and scheduled my induction. Unlike what the movie Business of Being Born says, they told me that normal pregnancies should go into labor naturally and that inductions sometimes don't work and end in c-sections. But my knowledge of being was extensive and knew too that by me being 40 weeks and if I was already soft the chances of it working was greater so I got checked and was disappointed to know that I was soft already but Hayden's head was turned facing sideways still and that my cervix was long. I begged and pleaded for a induction also because my husband at his job goes out of town daily and if I went into labor when he was in Stockton or Bakersfield there was a chance that he would miss the birth of his son. And finally it was scheduled for the week after my due date.
The morning that I went to be induced I was already in labor, 3 centimeters, and I never knew it. I didn't even lose my mucous plug. I had started having braxton hicks in my second trimesters and was very familiar with them, I had had them the night before my induction and knew they to becoming regular but they stopped after about 3 hours so I chalked it up to braxton hicks and went to bed. I didn't feel anything out of the normal or anything.
I was put on pitocin but I knew that that was part of the induction process, and when I found out that I was in labor I asked them to not put me on just let me go. And they did. They were extremely surprised when they started monitoring my contractions that I wasn't experiencing too much discomfort and they were coming so regularly. At 4 centimeters I was put on pitocin following some irregular contractions for more than an hour and things picked up again once I have reached 5. My pitocin was lessened and I started finally feeling the contractions growing stronger. But they never bothered me, I took my time, did my breathing and mediation that I had practiced in pregnancy from hypno birthing to deal with contractions. I was never bothered. At 6 centimeters I was told that the window for an epidural was closing and that if I wanted one to ask for one with the knowledge of the anesthesiologist sometimes could take up to an hour to get to me. I quickly ordered one with the idea that I could sit and read before my baby boy came. Yup, natural birth out the window that fast. And that is when things starting to get interesting...
I got the epi, I did the entire 9-10, I relaxed, remained still, curved my shoulders, hung my head, while I didn't feel the needle go in I felt the medicine going through my body. I remember thinking is this supposed to feel like this? Then I saw my knee involuntarily jerk and I thought "was that supposed to happen? Am I going to be hurt?" Immediately I started itching, I'm talking full blown spiders felt as if they were crawling under my skin. So they gave me benedryl, which did nothing, so they gave me a second dose, which only made me sleepy. Then I started feeling contractions that were long and strong and I knew I was transitioning. I quickly asked my best friend what did the epidural feel like for her. she said she know when she was having contractions but it was numb, she felt nothing and couldn't move her legs. I then told her the epidural didn't work. Which quickly got into around the room she is still in pain, why? I was asked if I wanted to up the dosage but told them no I would deal with labor, mainly because I did not want to inch again.
I will tell you why and how I know it didn't work for those of you who think that yeah it numbed it just a little. Nope! I still felt the contractions coming, having me pause dialogue to concentrate. I could still move my legs, I did so quite frequently because of the discomfort from the itching. At 7 centimeters I asked to be checked because I felt the urge to push, but was only at 7. Those contractions took lots of contraction and quiet. I looked at the clock frequently, hoping that I was progressing, because the urge was getting stronger and stronger. For those of you who don't know, an epi is supposed to numb from the waist down, meaning you can't get up at all because you have no feeling of your legs which is why they catheter you. I still needed to get up to pee and did so twice during later once after the epi. An hour later I was 10 centimeters and pushing was my forte. I quickly started pushing because the urge was so strong. Most first time moms push for two hours, I birthed Hayden in 30 minutes. I went so fast they actually were not ready and had to run and get the doctor, telling me wait. I, of course, frankly told them I'm having this baby with or without the doctor.
Hayden didn't cry when he was born and put on my chest. We had instant skin to skin contact, but he was taken away when I couldn't stop bleeding.
My reason for writing this is that my doctors never pushed me into anything, it was all me and my personal decisions. The only thing that was done to that I didn't want was an episiatomy.
But I do have some questions such as was my birth natural...I went through labor, felt every contraction, remember every bit of it, the epi didn't work I pushed out my own baby...is that natural? I had medications but none worked my induction was even stopped because I didn't need it. I don't know really, but I think about and wish that I could be one of those women who was sitting on the couch eating bon bons when their water broke. And when I think of that I wish too that I could have had my water birth, my home birth. MMM...Just thinking...

To all who wonder I highly recommend Business of being Born to all, it is available at netflix and is a must watch for all. I loved it! And I by no means want people to think that I believe all labors will be like mine, and I think that overall Business of being Born is true because I was pregnant with 4 other women out of the 5 of us only 2 including me had our children without a c-section. I know that c-sections are on the raise and that is really dangerous to think about. But I also know of some women who are going for VBACs after their c-section including my best friend and Greyson's mom, Morgan.

Truth Time: Savoring

I am home alone for the first time in a long time. Hayden is with my grandmother and David is at work. Sitting here like this reminds me so much of my life before I had Hayden and a J.O.B. When I was forced to try to find something to do and simply waited all day for David to come home from work. Once Hayden was born all that changed, I am now forever and ever busy or have something to do. Trying to work, clean, cook, and remember everything that needs to be done is stressful sometimes and I quickly remember my life before Hayden, silently wishing to have that freedom back. But when I have time alone, I am not at peace either and I feel as if my time is limited or that I have nothing to do. And when I do have things to do, which I do I really need to get started on some work related things I am UBER behind, but can't do because I am thinking about my little guy. What is Hayden doing right now, I should go pick him up so I can hold him, feed him, see him smile, etc. I miss him so much when I am away from him...even though he is only a few houses down, even though I know he is fine and happy and content. I miss him, I think about him so much I literally can't think or operate. I am extremely sleepy right now but can't sleep because I know I will think of only him.
It is also in these moments, I realize my closeness to him, my dependence on him...to be here, to do our daily routines, to socialize with, to hold, to entertain me, just so many things that are only him and I. He is my love, my everything, my being. Love: I hear so much, I even say at least once everyday, but its a word little depth little meaning to express something that is so unique that it can't be contained or talked about only felt and experienced. And I am feeling it- Experiencing it now.
It was a very long, hard road to get Hayden: one filled with lots of testing, reading, researching, tried and true attempts, faith, disappointment, hurt feelings, and lots of fear and shed tears. I thought I couldn't have children and that I would be never have a child that was of David and I, which I wanted so bad to see David in my children (And I love everyday that I see him in Hayden). And now I have that: I have Hayden. But I also feel as if I have lost time, lost emotion, lost the edge that comes with wanting a child so bad every month and not getting, knowing something is off in your body and that is up to faith and chance every month-EVERY FREAKING MONTH, and time holds no bearing except that is long and seems like forever. The hurt and bitterness that comes with seeing everyone else around getting pregnant and you're still not, the unfit parents you pass on the street taking parenthood for granted. I have lost some of the reasoning that I had in my abilities and determination I had to do this and do that in parenting, I had forgotten I think how precious and golden my son is to me, for I may never have another.
But today, I start anew with things. I think I don't think of that time, but obviously I still feel it, remember it. And I plan on holding Hayden a little tighter everyday, kissing him a little bit more everyday, making more time for him everyday because I love him so much! I will savor every moment with him, and hold it tight.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today is

November 17Th, Premature birth awareness day
This was taken from the March of Dimes website feel free to visit it to receive more information on premature births, babies, and signs of preterm labor.

Premature birth
Most pregnancies last around 40 weeks. Babies born between 37 and 42 completed weeks of pregnancy are called full term. Babies born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy are called premature. In the United States, about 12.8 percent of babies (more than half a million a year) are born prematurely (1). The rate of premature birth has increased by 36 percent since the early 1980s (1).

Premature birth is a serious health problem. Premature babies are at increased risk for newborn health complications, such as breathing problems, and even death. Most premature babies require care in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU), which has specialized medical staff and equipment that can deal with the multiple problems faced by premature infants.

Premature babies also face an increased risk of lasting disabilities, such as mental retardation, learning and behavioral problems, cerebral palsy, lung problems and vision and hearing loss. Two recent studies suggest that premature babies may be at increased risk of symptoms associated with autism (social, behavioral and speech problems) (2, 3). Studies also suggest that babies born very prematurely may be at increased risk of certain adult health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease (4).

When are most premature babies born?
More than 70 percent of premature babies are born between 34 and 36 weeks gestation (1). These are called late-preterm births. Late-preterm babies account for most of the increase in the premature birth rate in this country. A 2008 study found that cesarean sections (c-sections) account for nearly all of the increase in U.S. singleton premature births, and this group had the largest increase in c-section deliveries (5).

About 12 percent of premature babies are born between 32 and 33 weeks gestation, about 10 percent between 28 and 31 weeks, and about 6 percent at less than 28 weeks gestation (1).

All premature babies are at risk for health problems, but the earlier a baby is born, the greater the risk for serious complications. Babies born before about 32 weeks gestation usually are very small, and their organs are less developed than those of babies born later. Fortunately, advances in obstetrics and neonatology (the branch of pediatrics that deals with newborns) have improved the chances of survival for even the smallest babies.

What causes premature birth?
Most premature births are caused by spontaneous preterm labor, either by itself or following spontaneous premature rupture of the membranes (PROM). With PROM, the sac inside the uterus that holds the baby breaks too soon. Preterm labor is labor that begins before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. The causes of preterm labor and PROM are not fully understood.

The latest research suggests that many cases are triggered by the body’s natural response to certain infections, including those involving amniotic fluid and fetal membranes. However, in about half of all cases of premature birth, providers cannot determine why a woman delivered prematurely.

About 25 percent of premature births are caused by early induction of labor or c-section due to pregnancy complications or health problems in the mother or the fetus (6). In many of these cases, early delivery is probably the safest approach for mother and baby.

However, the March of Dimes is concerned that some early deliveries may occur without good medical justification or may be done at the request of the mother. In some cases, this can lead to late-preterm birth, with potential risks to the baby. Women should wait until at least 39 weeks to schedule an induced labor or a c-section, unless there are medical problems that make it necessary to deliver earlier (7, 8).

Which women are at increased risk for premature birth?
Any woman can give birth prematurely, but some women are at greater risk than others. Researchers have identified some risk factors, but providers still can't predict which women will deliver prematurely.

Three groups of women are at greatest risk for premature birth:

•Women who have had a previous premature birth
•Women who are pregnant with twins, triplets or more
•Women with certain uterine or cervical abnormalities
Certain lifestyle factors may put a woman at greater risk for preterm labor. These include:

•Late or no prenatal care
•Drinking alcohol
•Using illegal drugs
•Exposure to the medication DES
•Domestic violence (including physical, sexual or emotional abuse)
•Lack of social support
•Extremely high levels of stress
•Long working hours with long periods of standing
•Exposure to certain environmental pollutants
Certain medical conditions during pregnancy also may increase the likelihood that a woman will have preterm labor. These include:

•Infections (including urinary tract, vaginal, sexually transmitted and other infections)
•High blood pressure and preeclampsia
•Clotting disorders (thrombophilia)
•Being underweight before pregnancy
•Short time period between pregnancies [One study found that an interval of less than 18 months between birth and the beginning of the next pregnancy increased the risk of preterm labor, though the greatest risk was with intervals shorter than 6 months (9). A woman should discuss with her provider the best pregnancy spacing for her.]
•Being pregnant with a single fetus that is the result of in vitro fertilization
•Birth defects in the baby (10)
•Bleeding from the vagina
Certain demographic factors also increase the risk:

•Non-Hispanic black race
•Younger than age 17, or older than age 35
•Low socioeconomic status

And you can be neither of these things and still have a premature birth, which is why it is important to educate yourself and others on the signs of preterm labor

Warning signs of preterm labor

•Contractions (your abdomen tightens like a fist) every 10 minutes or more often
•Change in vaginal discharge (leaking fluid or bleeding from your vagina)
•Pelvic pressure—the feeling that your baby is pushing down
•Low, dull backache
•Cramps that feel like your period
•Abdominal cramps with or without diarrhea
What should I do if I think I'm having preterm labor?

Call your health care provider (nurse, doctor or midwife) or go to the hospital right away if you think you're having preterm labor, or if you have any of the warning signs. Call even
if you have only one sign.

Your health care provider may tell you to:

•Come into the office or go to the hospital for a checkup.
•Stop what you're doing. Rest on your left side for one hour.
•Drink 2-3 glasses of water or juice (not coffee or soda).
If the symptoms get worse or do not go away after one hour, call your provider again or go to the hospital. If the symptoms get better, relax for the rest of the day.

All rights are copyrighted by MOD

Tidbit: Hayden and the Mouse

This is my toddler stealing my mouse once again when I get up from my desk.

What I think is cool though is that I have never have taught him how to hold the mouse

But his fingerings on it are correct and he know very well how to move it and scroll.

Also it looks like I need to clean my carpet tomorrow it looks so DIRTY!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

I know, I know, I know, I know I have been a very bad blogger lately! Churning out a measley one blog a week simply won't do! I have been busy trying to catch up with work (deadlines, deadlines), get some X-Mas shopping done early (I have finished all of Hayden's shopping), keep house (and reorganize it), and still chase around a toddler. Not so easy...still I did carve out some time out of this busy time to take Hayden to the Zoo. I have been really wanting to take Hayden to the Zoo again, the last time he went was when he was only 1 for his first birthday. This time I invited his two cousins, Franky and Hayley, to have a blast with him. The only drawback to the Zoo is that my husband had the camera and thought that shooting pictures of the animals were more important than shooting pictures of the kids. But alas I do have some of both.


The Peek-A-Boo Turtle

The Neon Blue Frog

Hayden Loved the Camel!!!

The Ant-eater

The Zoo has a Dino Dig, where the kids can dig and uncover dinosaurs bones

The Wonderful Hayley

These Flamingos were so beautiful

Hayden with his Grandmother