Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toddlers must be SUPER human!

Hayden ia a toddler. he is 15 months old meaning (in dating terms) that I've "known" him for over a year and three months. If this was a relationship (as in bf and gf) we'd be to the point of being comfortable with one another and nothing would surprise me. Right? Wrong.
Hayden loves getting dressed. Getting dressed in his mind means we're leaving. He enjoys putting his arms through sleeves, holding my shoulders while he balances myself for me to put his pants on, and putting his feet out for shoes. This is followed by him heading for the door with a smile, waving bye-bye. Today while at my Moms I was trying to make a quick escape, I slipped on my shoes, which Hayden noticed, immediately he jetted toward the door, smiling, waving bye to my mom. I was trying of course to leave him with my Mom to go to the bank, and after finally tricking him in order to escape it hit me.
Toddlers use these routines, these cues to remember things. Toddlers must be super human to pay attention to every little detail. These cues are how Hayden knows to run from me when I spot him with something he isn't supposed to have, its why when he is sleepy he climbs into my lap to nurse. They pay attention to EVERYTHING, taking it in for later.
This puts so much pressure on me: I realize I am a big person in his life!! I think of this when I clap for him, smiling and encouraging, and he does whatever it is again! How he will even do bad things to get me to pay attention to him. Maybe that is the key to parenting, simply paying attention when they need it most. Or maybe it is only wishful thinking from a Mom of a toddler who is entering in the terrible twos at 15 Months! But whenever I have reached my end, I look at his face having a meltdown (even as I write this) and realize all he needs is me...To be understand and respond.

TTFN, Going to have a lunch with Hayden

XoXo, Mia and Hayden

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