Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My road to Cloth

Everyone who cloth diapers has a different story of how they came to cloth diapering and why they decided to do it. Mine is as unique as everyones and I believe it's important to share it.
My path to cloth has been short and filled with simple signs confirming it's for me. I believe a month maybe two back, I decided that I wanted to do a bit more green things in life following me wanting to garden. I love nature, and am deeply intoned with it and want to keep Earth as healthy as possible for my son's future and others that come. I am the odd ball that hates keeping her shoes on (yes, everyone always comments on my always bare feet) because I love the feel cold concrete against my feet or the crunch of green grass beneath them, even the carpet gliding slightly as I walk. I just like to be bare foot, shoes annoy me, sandals are a nice comprise between the two. In winter, I long to see the buds blooming and coming back to life softly after a long slumber under winter's cold. In Summer, I lust for winter's frost and bitter chill to provoke the cozy warmth provided by sitting down with a good book and tea beside me. With that in my mind, I decided going as green as possible and teaching him positive ways to keep the world around him nice would be best for my family and I.
Soon after I read a book on sage mothering that touched briefly on cloth diapering, which lead me to a Google search on it that left me more confused than informed. In the world cloth diapering there are so many options to choose from a wealth of variations and alternatives, which breeds lots of unique ways to diaper. So I backed away. Soon Hayden started getting nasty red marks on his thighs from the disposable diapers so I got a bigger size which was too big, then went down again in size, all the time thinking about cloth.
Then two things happened at once. There is a blog by my fellow Mommy Blogger with a son named Greyson, who is super, super cute with the most beautiful baby blues on Earth! This, along with Radar Love and the Peanut Blog, is one of my favorite blogs and Greyson's Mom is such an inspiration for me I'm not even joking. Greyson, your Mom rocks! Well, Greyson's Mom did a post on Mothering Magazine and how she, too, loves the magazine. This post reminded me that I needed to renew my subscription with them as it ended around Christmas of last year and I was so busy with Christmas I forgot about it, along with many other things. And so in this post there is a pic of Greyson sitting on a couch, reading the mag with a big blue thing wrapped around his butt. So I go back a few posts and notice a peak here and a peak there of these diapers and suddenly I realize those are cloth diapers and they are super cute! She even did a post on diapers drying on the line.
While reading Mothering Magazine, I saw a new carrier for Hayden I wanted as he was reaching his weight limit in his old one, which led me to a website that sold cloth diapers, which eventually lead me to Diaperpin.com, where I got the lowdown on cloth diapers. My love for the pomegranate Bummis Easy Fit lead me on a quest to different cloth diapering websites to find it and the price tag stung me so bad I thought I had got burnt. That bad baby retails for between 23-25 big ones! So I laid off for a while, thinking that the price for cloth was too expensive...until the end of July. I buy my diapers at Costco, Huggies Snug and Dry, I get 200 diapers for 44.99 without tax and a box of Huggies wipes for a price tag of 22.99 without tax, giving us an approximation of 68 dollars without tax. The diapers usually last for a month in a half, two at the max, that's about 23 dollar a month. Not bad usually, until Hayden almost went through them all in about a month.
With times being hard on everyone, not wanting to spend that much on diapers anymore when I can buy a stash of them for 300 or less and never have to worry about it again, I starting biting my lip on the cloth diapers. You can potty train with cloth diapers especially one that is a pocket, they also have ones for potty training. To diaper Hayden for another year, taken that he doesn't grow out of the size he is in (the bigger the size the less diapers you get) and that my diapers last for two months that is about 1500 by 2 years old and if he potty trains by 2 and a half add onto the cost of pull-ups, which I can't even imagine if he is tough to train and keeps going through them like diapers. When I can do an initial payment of everything I need and never look back. So I decided to try it and so far I like the fluffy stuff. It is so cute on my little boy's bum. We will see where our cloth journey will take us.

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Little M and Baby G said...

YAY! I'm so glad we helped to inspire your move to cloth! Cloth diapers are so much better - and cheaper in the long run too!
Hayden looks adorable in his FuzzyBunz - we have that same diaper and I love it!