Monday, August 16, 2010

Out of Options...

When Hayden was an infant everything seemed more clean cut and narrow. The decisions of how to raise him, put him to sleep, what would be read to him, and so on were so easy as he didn't have much of a say but a whimper and cry. Now with the toddler stages hitting, he has major opinion, personality, and a case of stubbornness so strong Superman couldn't break this kid's will. And let's not forget to mention that toddlers are notorious for routine and keeping things the way they are.
But Hayden and I are always fighting a uphill battle when it comes to sleeping. I have gone through so many different bedtime routines, I could write a book on infant/toddler sleeping. I have done the rocking, laying down in bed with him, the swing, the car, the stroller ride, a bath before bed, reading before bed, breastfeeding, even trying Daddy to put him to sleep. He is hard to get to sleep! Every time we get a routine that puts him out in less than 30 minutes, he suddenly becomes immune and it doesn't work anymore. Right now he is on a routine of playing, dinner, playing while I draw him a bath, cleaning up for the night, a bath, a snack (sometimes), reading then bed. To actually get him to sleep, I usually sit in a dark room with light music playing, breastfeeding him to sleep. It has been working like a charm for over a month. And it has been a miracle at getting him to sleep by his bedtime, so why does this kid seem to want to stir the pot?
He is rejecting being put to sleep by the breast anymore (blessing for me, maybe I can dry up) so this means having Daddy try or a car ride. Daddy doesn't always work and the car is a burden as no one wants to put him in the car and drive aimlessly when all we want is some sleep. And we even had a few nights were he stayed up pass midnight, he didn't even do that as a infant! Its not easy because he is sleepy, uber sleepy actually: he just doesn't want to go. And the longer he's up the grumpier he is and the more frustrated I get.
I don't know what will work but I will try to change a few things to see if it works but as with all toddlers, there is never a guarantee.
I just want a few things: some sleep, Hayden to bed at a good time, and a easy way to do it...maybe in another lifetime, huh?


Little M and Baby G said...

We haven't been able to get Greyson down in under an hour in months. Currently daddy reads books with him then lays down in bed with him until he falls asleep. It is a LONG process but it's the only think that is working at all. Toddlers and sleep - it is SOOO hard!

JustOneMama said...

We went through this with my daughter (14 now) when she was three. It might take a week to accoplish what you want and it takes determination on your part but it worked for me and it may work for you too.
Start off by making sure you stick to the same routine. For example Dinner, bath, jammies, book then bed (what ever works for you just keep it the same every night) Tuck baby into bed and say Good night. Leave the room but don't go far. When baby gets up say "its time for sleeping" and put him back in bed. the next time and any following time don't say anything just put him back in bed and walk out. It is challenging to do this especially when they cry and scream but if you stick to you guns it won't last long and very soon you will be able to tuck him in and enjoy a good nights sleep yourself.
Like I said it worked for me...good luck.