Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dude, Where's My Blog?

I have been a lazy, lazy blogger lately, averaging about one to two posts a week(two posts on a good week.)Piddly, I'd say. But I do have 1 big reason that leads to a few smaller ones. So let's begin:
Big Reason 1: I haven't been home
That leads to: why haven't you been home, Mia?

few smaller reasons:

Okay, two maybe three weeks ago, my husband and I started what I will call the "car chase." We have been looking for a new car for God knows how long now, and a few weeks back my hubby and I spotted a Lancer that came close to what we were looking for. This lead us up and down with the seller being shady, not answering questions that were key for us, and ultimately us not dealing with him. In between, our twenty four questions game with the Lancer seller my hubby's Dad spotted an '05 PT cruiser with extremely low mileage that belonged to an elderly lady. BINGO! This was the original car we had thought would fit our growing family well, and we really wanted to get a car from a private dealer. So we looked, we saw, we loved! And finally one week after seeing the car it has been bought! Yay, new car for us!! Well, yes and no, it's ours we just don't have it in our possession yet, it's parked safely in my husband's parents garage for now.

Last Saturday, my family had a BBQ, which ended in my Mom going into the hospital early Sunday morning for stomach pains. After much worry and running around with unanswered questions, we know that she has gall stones near her bladder that require surgery and that she has been scheduled for surgery and postponed many times. She is still in the hospital, I just came back from there actually, and we are waiting on the Doctor to give another time for her surgery. So here;s to hoping to sometime soon.

Here's a picture of Hayden at the hospital today and a video. Enjoy:

Both baby and the camera were fine but Mommy sure was scared about Hayden launching himself off chairs

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Radar's Mom said...

Congrats on the new car and yick... poor mom with the gall stones! I'll be wishing her luck on the surgery. As for Hayden and the chair acrobatics... these little guys love to stop our hearts, but we better get used to because each new day does not bring new caution on their part - it just means they can climb a couple of inches higher! Yikes!!!