Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OMG! I am addicted!

I have did much investigating into the world of cloth, and while very fascinated by the colors and the idea of going just a little more green, I decided to get a few. Okay, now after an hour long trip to Merced, Ca, to the nearest cloth diaper retailer (I wanted to look at them personally before buying.) I picked up two Fuzzi Bunz. I was supposed to get three but they didn't have another color I liked and I thought "Okay, Mia, you're only supposed to be trying them out." So with my measly two FBs, I started testing my limit with the fluff.
For those of you not in world of cloth diapering (or CD) Fuzzi Bunz is pocket diaper. Pocket diapers basically look and function like a disposable but has a pocket on the inside where an insert goes to absorb tinkle and poop.
The following day, I waited until Hayden pooped as I didn't want my pricey FB getting pooped on first and far most, changed his disposable and put him on a cute little blue Fuzzi Bunz... And sadly was hooked! I loved the look of the cloth diapers so much! Since Hayden got out of newborn diapers, I hated, hated, HATED the look of disposable diaper they looked cheap, plastic, uncomfortable and did I mention ugly. So cloth definitely has a leg up on style. Next, I loved the fit and the thought of lovely cotton touching his delicate private area instead of sitting in gelled pee. Cloth diapers have more absorbency and therefore are WAY more puffy and bulky than disposable though Hayden was walking around with what looked like a clown's butt.
Hayden is at the age where he doesn't pee all day but when he does it could fill a dam. So I wasn't for sure his cloth diaper could with hold him peeing on it. I kept it on for about 2-3 hours checking periodically to see when he would soil my precious diaper oops HIS precious diaper. They are so cute I wish they were mine! And after about 2 hours of dryness we got a tinkle, yay!!! And the Fuzzi Bun was barely fazed, I couldn't believe it.
The next day, knowing Hayden poops usually sometime in the morning, I immediately changed him into a FB wanting him to poop this time in it. I wanted to see if I could handle the poopy side of cloth diapering because pee is so easy, poop is what everyone is afraid of. I CDed him without a liner, people, wanting the entire experience. A liner is a sheet that allows moisture through to the diaper but holds waste to make clean up easier.
Hayden, I guess, thought that if I was going to change a cloth diaper it may as well be the messiest thing he could muster. With the combo of him wanting to nurse all day and his molars coming in, he had a major blowout on my BRAND NEW FUZZI BUNZ! I immediately wipe him up, salvaging my favorite FB from the wreckage. I immediately started recanting everything I had read about cleaning poop from a cloth diaper, fearing it would stain my precious. I swished in the towel bowl, popped my FB in plastic bag and immediately ran the wash tossing it in. I used a combo of baking soda and a tiny bit of free and clear detergent, running first a cold rinse and spin, then washing it in cold before washing it again in hot. I was serious about my Fuzzi Bunz.
Anyway, I didn't gag, I actually didn't care that it was poop at all, I simply cared about getting that stain out of my Fuzzi Bun. And with that I ran to CottonBabies.com to look up prefolds and All-in-Ones to try out next! I also ran out to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap prefolds (Gerber prefolds are reviewed to be very cheap prefolds that hold nothing!)
I plan on testing out lots to see what I like, also on getting some REAL prefolds and testing out a couple of different brands of diaper covers, purchasing two more Fuzzi Bunz and trying an All-In-One. But with so many colors I like I know that I will end up buying more than I need. Because I am addicted to the fluff!!


JustOneMama said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth! You now know my obsession with cloth...and yes I do recommend staying away from the Gerber prefolds...unless you are using them as burp cloths....my diaper supplier just started a diaper of the month club where you get a new diaper to try out every month...she has three tiers of cost and lots of fluffy products on her site...www.fluffenvy.com

MalinaDock said...

If you ever want to try prefolds again, we've found the Bummis ones to be VERY soft and reliable. Good luck and enjoy the fluff!

H and M B said...

Do you know where I can the Bummis prefolds?