Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Tomorrow Brings...?

It's amazing how fast this second year is going. Yesterday while in line for Starbucks, chatting with my hubby what we are doing for Halloween, it hit me that Hayden will be 15 Months on the 22nd of this month. My mouth dropped open, my eyes grew ten times their normal size as I digested that I had not only forgotten, but also that Hayden is growing up and Mommy is just along for the ride.
Yeah, 15 months, 3 Months into the second year no biggie, he was learning to turn over only a year ago. Now he is putting together "I" with everything. YEEEH!
Then today while strolling online for some new season Autumn clothing, I was bamboozled by Halloween costumes from Old Navy. Why, oh, Why?! With the Holidays, everything happens so fast, I really will loose time with the Holidays and the inevitable fact that when they come Hayden will be between 17-18 Months old. When they are finally over Hayden will be 19-20 Months old, only four months until two! I could die, crying with joy, sadness, pride, and fear thinking about my baby being...2...Oh, God, why?!

A recent visit to the doctor gave Hayden's height at a whooping 33inches tall, that's almost 3 feet, people. And a weight of 25lbs- No wonder my back hurts when I pick him up. All this puts him at above 95 percentile for height and between 50 to 75 percentile for weight. Still, even that makes me long for the days when he was only 7lbs and 21in. and so easy to carry and was so tiny. He has now tripled his weight and has added a whole foot to his height.

Because of his height his weight hardly shows and Hayden happens to be a pretty buff kid (I'm always getting questions about his muscular physique and how strong he is). But when it comes to his feet, he has duck feet! They are so big! Recently, he outgrew his size six shoes, which I wasn't too happy about, as I was trying to wait until it actually got colder to purchase anymore shoes for Hayden. My little man's feet though were not having it, luckily my Mom bought him some new shoes that he can fit, which keeps me from having to hopefully until September at the earliest and October at the latest. I'm thinking going to a kid's shoe store to get his feet fitted so that he can finally have some shoes that fit right (he deserved that, right?) but shoes in those stores are so expensive and Hayden's feet have a mind all their own. I'm just not sure if they are worth spending that much money on something he can grow out of so quickly.
Same goes with clothes, lately, my heart has been going out to Target for his shirts and tops for this summer, but his jeans usually come from Old Navy- This Summer I did purchase a few pants from Target. JcPenney has also captured my eye too for some clothes. Still Old Navy is my store of choice. It's just hard to fit Hayden with him being what Dr. Sears calls a "banana baby." If I get something that fits his height it doesn't stay on his waist; if it fits his waist, it's too short. Height wise he is in a size 18 Months, waist wise he can still fit a 6-12 month size jeans from Old Navy.
Between Hayden growing up, growing stronger and his sizes in clothes and shoes, Halloween should be interesting. But I have keep up with him through the rest of August and through September first... And all that raising a very active 1 year old brings.

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