Monday, August 30, 2010


Hayden is growing his molars and boy is it tough. He's grumpy, wants to nurse 24/7 and that's when he is not putting everything in his mouth to sooth his pain. Unfortunately, this also means that tantrums are an all time high and bedtime and naps are the breeding ground to tantrums.
I am trying to get him to sleep in his own crib and while he will do it, he's doing it with much resistance. He is so STUBBORN! In our sleep situation, we have created a great comprise: We put his crib next to our bed, Hayden is to fall asleep by himself with Daddy laying next to him in the bed, we switch him to his crib once he is sleep. The only exception to this rule is if Daddy is not around, he can fall asleep with me on the breast. But I guess Hayden doesn't like the crib situation. He wants our bed!
I am contemplating starting to put him in his own room, in his full size bed but this scares me so much! He can get into so much in his own room before we are awake, it also spills into my sleep if he wakes during the night. And he can escape! Well, kinda. We have blocked off the living room with a gate but I don't trust, Hayden is SUPER STRONG AS HE IS STUBBORN.
Today I got him down for a late nap no problem until it came to moving him to his crib. His eyes snapped open immediately, scanning for the culprit who put him in that vile crib, imitting a beacon of screams that made me immediately latch him on before starting our routine all over.
He needs his sleep because he's a mini monster without his naps, especially coupled with the pain of his teething. It's been over two months since his gums swelled and I can feel the teeth poking through with I inspect his gums, I just hope they make their appearance soon. Because it's tough seeing him in pain and needing sleep and having no relief.

Sigh...To better Days...

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