Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eco-Monday errr...Tuesday

Today, err, I mean Monday was a really bad day for me, I had a MAJOR headache that persisted on haunting me throughout the day. I took Tylenol for it to no avail, I took Ibuprofen for it and still nothing. I even had to have my Mom take care of Hayden while I rested, which still didn't help.
The good news is though I did get a few Eco-friendly stuff done this weekend- And when I say a few I mean like one or two. So I didn't do much, but I did do something. I ended up recycling loads of plastics and aluminum cans on Saturday morning, followed by a donation of books at the Good Will store. Recycling was good and it also hit home as to how many bottles and cans we consume, we have like 4 33 gallon bags filled with them. I definitely wish to cut down on that consumption, its an unhealthy one at that.
Next up on my list to do is volunteering at my local "Just between Friends" consignment sell and picking up Hayden a few clothes there too in my effort to reuse and to save a few extra dollars.

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