Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 6: Favorite Superhero and why?

I heart Batman!!! I am super when it comes to knowing my superheros, I used to be big into comics and literally as a kid watched endless amounts of tv and my favorite shows involved superheros. Okay, the why?
Superman isn't super and he isnt a man, he's a normal alien, who lives among men.
Spiderman is a mutated man, who was bitten by a radioative spider and given powers.(He comes a close third)
And Xmen are humans with whacked out genes that give them super powers...
notice a pattern here. But Batman. He is 100% human and 100% without any super abilities and HE. KICKS. BUTT.
Batman rocks my socks everytime. He basically is freak with an obsession for putting away hardened criminals, that uses nifty gadgets to get the job done and has the money to build the stuff. Batman is geek on a mission basically. Love it.

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