Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching the Green Monster

I'm on the computer editing some pictures when I notice...


Every Mommy knows silence is never golden

I called Hayden and he ran into my room, mouth wide, bearing his pearly whites, with this on his hand.....

My heart dropped, I jumped up, running into his room to inspect the damage

He got green on everything

He presented it so proudly I couldn't even be mad

I told him paper, pointing to the paper that was on his desk
his response "ooo, oh man. " Grrr.

I set to work cleaning and he came over

"I sorry"

My heart grew 2x man "I'm sorry" I told him it was okay and gave him a baby wipe when he insisted on helping

I love him so much it is ridiculous and my oh my are we growing and changing

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